3DNPC FNV Bundle v004

So this is a bit embarrassing, but I don’t think I ever gave Vincent a thorough examination, because some of the conversation trees are a bit out of whack. I guess it’s because the assumption was he’d be a Fallout 4 character, and not a New Vegas one. Then the voiced protagonist was announced, and plans changed. Of course, given he never had a quest, and most of his dialogue consists of idles, I might still be able to add him to Boston, depending on if Damien wants to voice it. In any case, I fixed up a few conversations and also a script that I think was preventing a bonus conversation from happening. Here’s a full changelog:


Changelog from v003:

  • Velius – Fixed dialogue about background so it’s accessible again (broken in v002)
  • Velius – Fixed goodbyes to properly display when hired
  • Velius – Fixed line of player dialogue in Novac bonus conversation that had no words
  • Velius – Fixed gift dialogue to only be available after talking to Velius about it first

Changelog from v002:

  • Hope Lies – Redid vault 22 stairs so it’s not a teleport

Changelog from v001b:

  • Vincent – Fixed two conversation trees for Vincent
  • Vincent – Fixed unvoiced “What’s on your mind?” dialogue
  • Hope Lies – Tweaked weight of item to help ensure player is encumbered during quest
  • Velius – Fixed his wait and follow script
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4 thoughts on “3DNPC FNV Bundle v004

  1. Adding Vincent would be great.

    Of your two FNV characters, I definitely liked Hope Lies the best. Vincent and SomeGuy2000’s character Russell made a good pair, as did Hope Lies and Willow. Big thumbs up.

    It would be great if you could add a female Fallout 4 follower who would sing while traveling on the road.

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