Let’s Play – The Sleeping Giant

Here’s the first of a new series that we’re working on, Let’s Play/Director Commentary videos for both Interesting NPCs, Tales from the Commonwealth, and the Fallout 3/NV bundles. Not sure how interested people are in watching these, but it was fun to make so I think it’ll be an ongoing thing.


One thought on “Let’s Play – The Sleeping Giant

  1. I am a little surprised I sat still to watch that, but it was pretty fun. ;) Sleeping Giant is one of my favourites, just because it IS so pointless. Also the banter. (Although the first time I did it, it was with a character who was a famous performing bard -via the awesome Become a Bard mod- and Harbinger of the Companions by that point. Rumarin: ‘Why don’t we see if any of the Companions can sing?’ El: ‘Uhhhhh…’ I decided he just wanted to make sure someone else was in the line of fire.)

    It’s scale armour that Fjona changes into.

    The Beatle you couldn’t remember is George Harrison. Losers. ;)

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