Trailers and Teasers – Art and Sacrifice

Hey, will you look at that. It’s our old friend, CloudTop or something or other. Anyways, here’s something I’m trying to get out by month’s end. It’s an old vaporware quest for Interesting NPCs. I scrapped it for a number of reasons, but the other day when digging through the garage for spare parts, I brushed off the Creation Kit and decided to give her another go. Of course, having to revamp the lines meant having to recast the actress for Carmella with my old pal Alice Bell, but she came through as she always does.

The other thing I hope to include in the update is a re-recording of Batheru by MegapiemanHD. Not related to the quest, but he needed a re-record. And if all goes well, I might take a crack at that other vaporwared quest, the much bigger one, the Ylgyne goes to the lost city one, but we’ll see.


9 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Art and Sacrifice

    1. I kind of did, this is a vaporwared thing that was already built, kind of. Just not voice acted all the way.

      This is a small quest, there is a much longer/grander one but it is even more vapored so I’m iffy on whether it will get done.

    1. I thought old mods will work for the special edition, you just had to save them in the new CK?

      I don’t know, I haven’t really followed it.

      If it’s easy, then yeah, it’ll be done.

      If it’s not, well…I’m lazy and have no incentive to do it, so maybe.

      1. I enjoy tales of the Commonwealth. It’s my favorite mod. I prefer it to all the other mods. Not much of a pc gamer. So console mods is great. I was looking forward to interesting npcs on skyrim .

  1. So such limits on PC, just saying..
    Skyrim Special Edition will be based on updated FO4 engine, this means x64 bit conversion and different texture format (DX10+) which is not compatible with Skyrim 2011 or older Bethesda games… Also I don’t think that scripts will be 100% compatible, I guess we will see later this month!

    1. Yeah, from what I understand, it’s just opening the mod in the new Creation Kit, and saving.

      If it’s the exact same as Fallout 4, the script language should carry over for the most part. There are a few that might not, however, which could be a problem.

      Fallout 4 does not allow you to raise aggression for instance via the same script language, as I’ve tried and had to abandon that for different techniques like making them aggressive in advance and then simply adding the NPC to an enemy faction when I want to turn on hostilities. I will need to test it out and see.

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