Load Disorder – Episode 1

All right, so here is the mod review show myself and Ariane Vai/Viridiane have been working on the past week. It’s a little bit different from traditional channels in that it’ll mix vlog elements, interviews (mod authors willing), and skits.

Using the patreon funds, we were able to buy a camera with 50fps, but not 60fps, which might be a goal later on. We also plan to review more than 1 mod per week if the show does well, or if we get the funding for it.

Hope you like it.


One thought on “Load Disorder – Episode 1

  1. If you’re looking for a mod to review, Leveler’s Tower 4.4 for Skyrim SE would be a good choice. This Tower has received a five-star rating from The Imperial Travel Club of Cyrodiil as a place to stay while in Skyrim. Zora has been in the Tower on multiple occasions, taking in the thrill of the arena, visiting the indoor gardens, enjoying the spectacular view from the balcony, and finding delight in the spa. Levelers Tower is currently on the list for a File of the Month on the Skyrim SSE board at the Nexus.

    http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2692/? William has been making mods since the time of Oblivion and possibly even Morrowind.

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