Trailers and Teasers – Terynne

So here’s something you thought you’d never see again, new Interesting NPCs content, voiced by spacefiddle, with additional voicing done by PotasticPanda. This is actually an NPC that came out of a forum thread discussion a while back, which is a spoiler so only click if you want spoils, er, to be spoiled. Twas a good discussion. Hopefully now it’s a good quest.

Anyways, when the next version of the mod is released, you’ll be able to find Terynne wandering Windhelm, but you’ll only be able to start the quest dialogue via the scene above, in the Palace of the Kings. Terynne will be looking through mage what’s-his face’s things, but only when the room is empty.

Lastly, once this update is out, I’ll finally look to porting to SSE. I’ve heard some of you have had success with saving the alpha in the CK, I’ll research your findings after version 3.4 is out for Oldrim.


4 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Terynne

  1. Yay! My favourite mod for Skyrim gets an update! Thank you so much Kris for working on 3dNPC after all these years. You keep Skyrim alive ;)

  2. Thank you so much for this! :)
    Just a question… I have done everything possible to avoid updating to the new patch, because I want nothing to do with the CC as it stands currently. The fact that Skyrim Classic and SSE are the only games I have on Steam tends to help greatly here. So, I am wondering, which version of SSE does this work with?

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