3DNPC v3.4 for Skyrim and SSE [Beta]

All right, here’s version 3.4(since updated to 3.4.1), for both the original Skyrim as well as a beta version for SSE.

3DNPC v3.4.1 for Original Skyrim

SSE Beta Version 3.4.1 (Loose Files)+Meridia’s Bacon removed

Hotfix 3.4.1 Only if you downloaded 3.4 (since taken down). Otherwise, download above links instead. If you downloaded the version of SSE with Meridia’s Bacon, simply delete the files in Data/Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm/femaleuniquemeridia

Hotfix 3.4.1 update for Oldrim

Hoftix 3.4.1 update for For SSE

Changelog 3.4.1:

  • Added map marker and fixed quest marker for Transformation, enabled when quest initiated
  • Removed Rueful Axe from Frost Peak Cave

Changelog 3.4:

  • Added new quest Transformation. To start, find Terynne in the mage’s quarters of the Palace of the Kings, but only when Wuunferth isn’t present or is sleeping
  • Radiant Dark – Fixed issue where Olivia‘s crew at times wouldn’t turn hostile against the player. While they were added to an enemy faction, they weren’t removed from the College of Winterhold faction, so they were both friend and enemy. Frenemies, if you would. Point is they’ll be enemies only now.

Notes on SSE [Beta]:

Were you able to save the mod in the SSE CK?

Yes. After trying a few suggestions, I found one that worked. I basically used the technique mentioned by Sasha Kelley of removing the unknown characters from the vanilla QA Books, then restoring them via SSEdit.

Did being able to save fix everything?

Not necessarily. One thing I know for sure is, saving didn’t automatically fix the water issues caused by porting. For that, I ran Water Fix Script by azzendix and it seemed to have smoothed out the seams. Another thing people have mentioned is optimizing NIFs, but I ran the SSE NIF optimizer on the meshes and that just resulted in the game crashing on load. Someone mentioned bloodgrass specifically needed to be optimized, but I tested that in game and had no issues picking it up from the barrel. So I’m tabling that for now until I have a better idea of what I’m doing.

The larger point is, saving isn’t some porting panacea. At the same time, the only noticeable issue was the water, and that’s taken care of.

Why loose files?

Mostly because it works all the time. Whenever I pack it into a BSA, things that should work, don’t. Like NPCs losing voices. I talked to Olivia with her audio archived and she was a mute. When I used loose files, her voice came back. So, from my brief testing, it seems loose files are the best files.


29 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.4 for Skyrim and SSE [Beta]

  1. The new quest was ridiculously awesome. However, upon exiting Frost Peak Cave, my Load option under the System menu was disabled & my screen covered in flames. Please investigate if at all possible.

    1. Flames? If you’re being serious, there’s nothing in the mod that would affect the menu. Did you read the book? Maybe there’s something about ***spoilers*** (bringing up the ShowRaceMenu and changing the player character) that doesn’t jive with other mods, but I was able to exit just fine even after using it.

      Also, Skyrim or SSE?

      1. This occurred on the Oldrim version, not SSE. I was able to continue but only after saving, quitting to the main menu, then continuing from the save I had just made prior to quitting. I’ve had this issue happen with other mods as well. It’s a very rare graphics glitch & only seems to happen when playing modded content on rare occasions.

        1. Weird. I was on Oldrim as well, not sure if related, if it’s happened with other mods, could be induced simply by a cell being modded as opposed to anything inherently wrong with how the mod was set up.

          The mod is pretty large, but also fairly simple in what it does so usually there’s no game breaking weirdness.

  2. Hey, does Edwayne have a dark face for anyone else? Because the dark face bug fix for vampires I use also rolls the faces back to pre-dawnguard faces. This is on SSE on version 3.4.1.

  3. Great to see your still working on this Kris!

    Some comments:
    1. The reason you’re getting missing voices when packing this into a BSA is because the Archive.exe tool creates a corrupt file. You can check this by trying to unpack it using BAE (it’ll crash) or BSA Browser (it’ll finish with an error and +7000 files will be missing, mostly from the sound folder). The solution is to use the Create Archive function from within CK64. The CK will hang, complain and maybe crash, but I’ve been able to produce proper BSAs for both the previous alpha and this new beta. I know the BSAs I made are fine because after unpacking with BAE all files are present and identical to the originals. If you can’t get the CK to do its job, I can send you the 3.4.1 BSA I made (or just post the link here with your permission).

    2. I run the meshes through SSE NIF Optimizer using the default settings and did not get any crashes. No idea why it didn’t work for you but I can send you the fixed meshes if you wish.

    3. 3DNPC.esp overwrites many cell and worldspace fixes from the Unofficial SSE Patch. I imagine these are not critical but ideally they should be carried over with SSEEdit.

    1. Here is the link to the 3.4.1 BSA files I made (2.14gb download). It includes optimized meshes and the dg vampire facegen files posted above.

      This one is just the optimized meshes as loose files (2mb). Made with SSE NIF Optimizer using the default settings. I processed everything except the facegen meshes as those are known to cause problems and should be exported with the CK64 instead (already done in this beta I believe).

      And this is the 3.4.1 esp with many USSEP fixes added back (sent to me by another modder).

      1. Unfortunately, using your BSA makes some of the voices not work, including Gnives in the Ragged Flagon. Once I deleted the .bsa files and restored the loose files, his voice started working again.

        1. Yeah, hence my reluctance to use BSA. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to pack it. I’ve been told via email some people have had success by splitting the BSAs into Voices, Textures, etc, and then editing the ini to recognize the new files.

          Eferas on Nexus, for example, sent me this link with these instructions:

          In your skyrim.ini, search for “sResourceArchiveList2=” and add “3DNPC – Voices1.bsa, 3DNPC – Voices2.bsa” at the end of it. It must look like this:

          sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim – Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures1.bsa, Skyrim – Textures2.bsa, Skyrim – Textures3.bsa, Skyrim – Textures4.bsa, Skyrim – Textures5.bsa, Skyrim – Textures6.bsa, Skyrim – Textures7.bsa, Skyrim – Textures8.bsa, Skyrim – Patch.bsa, 3DNPC – Voices1.bsa, 3DNPC – Voices2.bsa

          But again, even if someone tells you they packed it successfully, as the author I can’t really confirm that to be the case unless you verifiably tested every NPC and quest in the mod. So I don’t really know if the link above works either. It’s just really hard to test all the content because there’s so much of it. I just know loose files seem to be foolproof, so for now I’m going with that.

        2. My mistake was trusting a filesize comparison was enough to prove the files were identical before and after packing. I underestimated just how bad Bethesda’s Archive tool is, as it somehow manages to produce files which have the exact same filesize as the originals but are totally corrupt. I also thought that since packing through the CK produced BSAs that could be unpacked without errors and all files were present, then the problem was using the Archive tool by itself (or using it with the wrong settings). But that was only a part of the problem. The main issue is with the sheer number of audio files in this mod.

          I began using CRC to compare files before and after packing, and the “Sound\Voice\3DNPC.esp” folder must be split into two, even by itself its too large and leads to corruption. I’m doing some extra checks and I will being uploading the new files soon.

        3. Here’s the link to the new BSA files:

          Optimized meshes and vampire facegen included like before. I used dummy ESPs to load the extra BSAs but they’re optional, adding them to Skyrim.ini works just as well. I did a CRC after unpacking and all files match the originals. Kris or anyone else can easily check this as well, with my BSAs or those made by Eferas. The integrity of the BSAs and the files they contain, and whether NPCs/quests work properly or not, are two different matters. That said, this is indeed untested. It was reported to me that Rinori was voiceless with my previous files, she is voiced now, that’s it. Someone finds a different problem using my files, I’ll look into it.

          52k loose files lead to crazy load times in my setup, so for me BSA is the only option.

  4. I am so happy you are working on this – and hopefully publishing it soon. Interesting NPCs is, IMHO, one of those absolutely essential mods I wouldn’t want to miss!

  5. For SE version, should I still download the optional Dawnguard vampire face files or are they included? Since , well, Rinori‘s face and skin is … odd after updating.

    Thank you for updating! Still loving this mooood~

    // JUST READ THE ABOVE COMMENTS ignore this v.v Sorry, I should take my eyes to my hands sometimes and look.

  6. Hey Kris,

    Great job on the mod, reading through the comments I did not see a definite answer. Is the mod ready for use in a long term game or does it have to many instabilities to use right now?

    Thanks for all the great work you are doing.

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