The Atomic Hour – Episode 4: Selling Out

New episode of the Atomic Hour. I think I’m going to keep the guests a surprise for now, but after a month or so, I’ll go back and change some of the titles to make it easy to find and rewatch a specific episode.

For now, this one’s titled selling out, in reference to all the advertising in the show. Of course, the irony is that Youtube’s algorithm has labeled this episode “not advertiser friendly” for some reason. Not sure why, but both this and the Danse episode got flagged. Not really an issue at the moment though, given how piddling revenues are, but it’d be nice if I knew the reason so I could avoid it in later vids.


3DNPC v3.4 for Skyrim and SSE [Beta]

All right, here’s version 3.4(since updated to 3.4.1), for both the original Skyrim as well as a beta version for SSE.

3DNPC v3.4.1 for Original Skyrim

SSE Beta Version 3.4.1 (Loose Files)

Hotfix 3.4.1 Only if you downloaded 3.4 (since taken down). Otherwise, download above links instead

Hotfix 3.4.1 update for Oldrim

Hoftix 3.4.1 update for For SSE

Changelog 3.4.1:

  • Added map marker and fixed quest marker for Transformation, enabled when quest initiated
  • Removed Rueful Axe from Frost Peak Cave

Changelog 3.4:

  • Added new quest Transformation. To start, find Terynne in the mage’s quarters of the Palace of the Kings, but only when Wuunferth isn’t present or is sleeping
  • Radiant Dark – Fixed issue where Olivia‘s crew at times wouldn’t turn hostile against the player. While they were added to an enemy faction, they weren’t removed from the College of Winterhold faction, so they were both friend and enemy. Frenemies, if you would. Point is they’ll be enemies only now.

Notes on SSE [Beta]:

Were you able to save the mod in the SSE CK?

Yes. After trying a few suggestions, I found one that worked. I basically used the technique mentioned by Sasha Kelley of removing the unknown characters from the vanilla QA Books, then restoring them via SSEdit.

Did being able to save fix everything?

Not necessarily. One thing I know for sure is, saving didn’t automatically fix the water issues caused by porting. For that, I ran Water Fix Script by azzendix and it seemed to have smoothed out the seams. Another thing people have mentioned is optimizing NIFs, but I ran the SSE NIF optimizer on the meshes and that just resulted in the game crashing on load. Someone mentioned bloodgrass specifically needed to be optimized, but I tested that in game and had no issues picking it up from the barrel. So I’m tabling that for now until I have a better idea of what I’m doing.

The larger point is, saving isn’t some porting panacea. At the same time, the only noticeable issue was the water, and that’s taken care of.

Why loose files?

Mostly because it works all the time. Whenever I pack it into a BSA, things that should work, don’t. Like NPCs losing voices. I talked to Olivia with her audio archived and she was a mute. When I used loose files, her voice came back. So, from my brief testing, it seems loose files are the best files.

Trailers and Teasers – Terynne

So here’s something you thought you’d never see again, new Interesting NPCs content, voiced by spacefiddle, with additional voicing done by PotasticPanda. This is actually an NPC that came out of a forum thread discussion a while back, which is a spoiler so only click if you want spoils, er, to be spoiled. Twas a good discussion. Hopefully now it’s a good quest.

Anyways, when the next version of the mod is released, you’ll be able to find Terynne wandering Windhelm, but you’ll only be able to start the quest dialogue via the scene above, in the Palace of the Kings. Terynne will be looking through mage what’s-his face’s things, but only when the room is empty.

Lastly, once this update is out, I’ll finally look to porting to SSE. I’ve heard some of you have had success with saving the alpha in the CK, I’ll research your findings after version 3.4 is out for Oldrim.