Tears of the Hist- Alice Bell/Fjona Cover

It’s been well over three years since I initially recorded Tears of the Hist for Fjona/Interesting NPCs, and let’s just say that after three years I feel like my voice has improved. A lot.

Or maybe it just got lower. I dunno

Anyway, here it is for your listening pleasure or torture, depending on how much you like/dislike the sound of a strangled cat wailing mournfully into the microphone

Merrigan – A Shred of Blue

“A Shred of Blue” is my favourite codex from Dragon Age: Inquisition. It can be found in the Fallow Mire, and seems to be a song about the Grey Warden Calling – the song of the Archdemon that signals the end of the Warden’s life.
I’ve been planning to put the words to music for quite some time, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to introduce my new harp.

I hope you enjoy!

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Wolves of Jorrvaskr by Ronja Monto


Here is a new version of Wolves of Jorrvaskr by the amazing Ronja Monto. I believe that’s just a title she’s earned now, like Sir Ian McKellan or Doctor Doom. Half-woman, half magical pixie, all-amazing, all the time.

Ahem. Like I was saying, here is the amazing Ronja’s version of Giramor’s old song, which Alassea will play when prompted. It is great. Music to the ears, you might say, in the literal and figurative sense.

And of course, if you’re in the mood for more ear bliss, don’t forget to click on her name and subscribe to her channel. It is even greater.


A Bosmeri Sleeping Song


Here’s another wonderful arrangement from Ronja Monto, inspired by an old Bosmeri poem found in the Elder Scrolls Online. It’s still a sketch/work in progress at the moment, but it should find its way into the mod by next week’s release.

I think it goes really well with the pitter-patter of rain on your window pane, but if you’re like me and live in water-starved parts, there’s always a virtual solution.

Music – A Warrior’s Life (Mandola Version) by Anna Castiglioni


Here’s Anna Castiglioni performing a mandola version of A Warrior’s Life.  Mandolas, also known in Mando’a as the Mando’ade, or “Children of Mandalore”—were a nomadic group of clan-based people bound by a common culture. Boba Fett, for instance, is a Mando…

Never mind, apparently it’s a musical instrument of some kind. That makes a lot more sense.