Settling In


Just a note, with the new quests for Tales from the Commonwealth released, I think I’m going to go back and focus on adding some settlers next. One possibility is making them separate ESL files so they don’t get added to the 255 plugin limit, although my preliminary test to make one didn’t go so well.

In lieu of that, I could go with an old fashioned ESP with all settlers bundled together (or just add them to TFTC), but I’ll figure that out as I go along.

Regardless of the format I’ll probably release them all at once. That’s because the Casting Call Club has gotten a little more strict in terms of the type of projects that can go on, so I’ll need to put a little more effort into the recruitment instead of just throwing up an ACTORS WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE sign. Posting the auditions in groups of 10 and adding pictures of them in game should help. Meaning, the mod will have to be done before the casting, whereas previously it saved me time to post the scripts first.

The other thing that will be somewhat challenging is trying to find “homes” for potential settlers since I don’t want to fiddle with the actual settler system that makes them show up at your door and decide they’re moving in. Of course, if they already have a home, that presents a bit of a paradox. Especially if they live somewhere cushy, like Diamond City, why would they want to leave?

Maybe they just hate baseball? They wouldn’t be the first to use that excuse.


Out of Office from 10/17 to 10/21

Well, I got roped into a family vacation with relatives and such, so I will not be around from October 17, 2016 to October 21, 2016.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, and/or complaints, I will respond or ignore them upon my return. Should I return. Traveling the high seas is dangerous, especially when sailing in a big metal bird.

Tales from the Commonwealth v1


As promised, here’s the open beta for Tales from the Commonwealth(see header for latest version). You can also find the Xbox version on, which hasn’t been tested because I don’t own an Xbox, and probably never will. Them’s the breaks. As for the PS4 version, it will be released as soon as Bethesda figures out the whole issue with proprietary sound files, from what I understand until that issue is addressed, PS4 mods got no sound. Anyways, as with Interesting NPCs, you can report bugs by using the header at the top.

For quest and NPC locations, you can refer to the wiki or for an easy to scan list, check out this forum post here.

Next item, a hearty thanks to all who contributed. Not every quest and NPC made it into this particular version, so if you don’t see your name here it’s because it’ll be included in the second phase. And if you’d like to help out, I’m still looking for people to make custom cells, outfits, and other stuff I don’t really have the skill or patience to provide. Here are the current cast and credits:, with spoiler tags because the list is long and full of terrors:



Meshes and Textures

  • Ghoul mask by 1ndajone5
  • Feral ghoul mask by FlipDark95
  • Slinky black dress by Elianora
  • Widow Jane Bottle by 1ndajone5


  • Reznore
  • 1ndajone5
  • Elianora
  • Bigcowfeet
  • Damndirtycasual

Voice Acting

Full Exposure

Sinners and Saints

You’ve Got Mail

  • Mechanic/Handyperson – Marion Toro
  • Postman – Bigcowfeet

Radio Raiders

Three Little Wastelanders

  • Wolf – Matthew Dixon
  • Carlos – Jessica Osborne
  • Annie – Ginger Roll
  • Franz – James McLauchlan

Love and Peace

  • Cozmos -Bigcowfeet
  • Crystal Moonbeam –Zillac
  • Earthstone – Will Handford
  • Starchild – Marion Toro
  • Gary -Mike Foble

Extra NPCs

  • Ghost – Will Handford
  • Johnny Friendly – Joseph Landis
  • Minuteman Deserter – CK MacNamara
  • Drunk – Ivy Dupler
  • Crash – Ivy Dupler
  • Old Bus Lady – Lila Paws
  • Lynn – Anna Castiglioni
  • Garrett – Jeff Werden
  • Fisherman – James McLauchlan
  • Farmer – Lila Paws

Robot Medical Clinic

Under the Bridge

  • Audrey – Natalie Proudlock
  • Mr. Handy – FairfieldFencer
  • Margaret – Ginger Roll
  • Father – James McLauchlan
  • Arthur – FairfieldFencer

Atom Cats

  • Atom Cat – Jessica Osborne

Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers

  • BoS 1 – MooderFooger
  • BoS 2 – Josh F
  • BoS 3 – Jessica Osborne

Jet Junkies

  • Rabbit – Ivy Dupler
  • Virus – J.T. Decker
  • Slim – Mike Foble

Commonwealth Karaoke

  • Stand-Up Comic – Ivy Dupler
  • Ghoul Crooner – James McLauchlan
  • Bartender – J.T. Decker
  • Mama Mabel – Ginger Roll

The House that Bruce Built

  • The Pin – Matt Leonen
  • Strike – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)
  • Washout – Adoxographist
  • Teddy – Crys Blue
  • Bench Coach – Will Handford
  • Catcher -Giramor
  • Fast Pitch Fannie – Anna Castiglioni
  • Baseballers – MooderFooger
  • Bruce – Roksys


  • Clarissa – Ash Eluned
  • Grogan/Gronk – James McLauchlan
  • Skinny – Nathan Suhara

European Immigrants

  • Ghoul 1A – Alice Bell
  • Ghoul 1B -Mike Foble
  • Ghoul 2 – James McLauchlan
  • Aaron – Will Handford
  • Cecylia – Viridiane

Atom’s Glow

  • Father Malcolm – Bigcowfeet
  • Emily – Kelly Camelio
  • Doctor Feldman – Bigcowfeet
  • Brother Jacob – J.T. Decker

The mod was constructed with the vanilla dialogue wheel in mind. This isn’t to say it’s not compatible with Full Dialogue mods or anything like that (although I’m not sure how they work so they may require a patch), but there are occasions where I’ve used the text prompts as a tool to add some specificity to the conversation. For instance, in this video here, you’ll notice how responses like “La Voz?” are used to bridge the gap between the generic dialogue and the specific conversation points being made.

Lastly, a few notes on the companions. They pretty much have all of their base lines recorded – companion swaps, interjections, complaints when you step on a mine, that sort of thing. In fact, you’ll notice they have more exploration lines than the vanilla companions when going to locations that are seldom visited. However, it’s important to note that since these locations don’t have specific comment triggers, and since idles don’t fire as often as they do in Skyrim, a lot of times you’ll have to actually click on the companion to get the unique commentary, as shown here.

They’ll also interject commentary during modded quests, so bringing them along should offer some depth to your questing and exploration. The other thing that’s different is I’ve scrapped some of the more gamey aspects of the affinity system. Right now, the whole thing is tied to time spent together, which goes up on its own. While this will make racking up affinity take longer, you don’t have to worry about losing affinity every time you take some drugs. You can pick whatever dialogue you want, and you can do whatever actions you want, without having to worry whether [Audrey Dislikes That].

Technically two of the three are romanceable, but one is currently blocked off since the personal quest hasn’t been constructed. That will come in phase two. For now though, I just want to polish up the quests we’ve put together so far and make sure everything’s hunky dory. That Dory, such an illusive hunk.

Site Maintenance


Edit: Fixed, it was the host’s server cache that had to be cleared, I think this is the second time I’ve run into this problem with Dreamhost, I’m making a note of it here though so I don’t forget the next time it happens. Just gotta contact Dreamhost, and then tell them to clear their stupid cache, and voila, website is restored.

Okay, for some reason the website decided to go bonkers last night and transform itself into a checkered wall of text. I’m not sure exactly why, it might have to do with a bad plugin updating itself, turning the previous theme incompatible.

Changing the theme to “Dynamic News” has restored some order, although the forums are really hard to read, and the music player is similarly borked.

The WordPress login toolbar has also turned into a bunch of text, so I’m gonna have to look into that as well. I’m tired though, so I’m gonna sleep and hope it magically fixes itself in the morning. Good night.

Tales from the Commonwealth News and Notes


So just an update, I’ve decided I’m going to release in two phases rather than three. Phase 1 will be released as an open beta on June 28th for PC users, followed by a console beta whenever Bethesda updates their website to allow for a single upload instead of one for each platform.

You see, right now you have to make a separate mod page for PC and Xbox One, which basically means for Atomic Radio I have two pages I have to ignore instead of one (Three if you count Nexus). Aggregating them into a single mod page for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC will increase the likelihood of me visiting that site and reading the comments by 1000%. And we all know 1000% of zero is something in the neighborhood of sixteen.

In other words I don’t have a solid date for console release, but for PC I am gunning for the 6/28. It will include most of the quests and three followers. The second phase will include the last bit of quests I haven’t gotten voiced yet and the ancillary NPCs I’m still figuring out where to place.


Fallout 4 Project – A First Look

With the CK in public beta and a lip sync tool available, I can finally show some of the stuff I’ve been working on since I got my hands on the sucker last week. I’ve basically finished two quests, albeit the second one is made up of three parts, so technically it’s four quests, with a fifth that should be ready in three days. Of course ready to play and ready for public consumption are two different things, mostly because there are still some things with the CK that need fixing on Bethesda’s side.

Mainly, NPC face sliders aren’t functioning, and the same whitewashing bug that cropped up in Fallout 3 and New Vegas has returned for Fallout 4. The file will likely have to be done as an ESM, although that should make patches a lot easier to do. Anyways, I’m still looking for testers and (possibly) lip syncers, so if interested reply to the forum post in the sidebar.

Site News and Notes

Fallout4 2016-02-20 16-53-13-64.avi_snapshot_00.20_[2016.02.25_01.44.17]

Hello! So an update on where things are at, I’m optimistic I’ll be able to cast most of the what I’ve mapped out so far for Fallout 4 by the time the Creation Kit comes out. The actual modding part will probably take about a month, so an alpha version should be out by May-ish, but a more likely target date will be June or July.

The mod will be a mix of quests and NPCs similar to the Fallout 3 Bundle, albeit the NPCs won’t have nearly the depth you’d get with an unvoiced protagonist. That’s why I’ll probably give this mod a new name. It’s an entirely different beast, and I don’t like to dwell on the past anyway.

Atomic Radio I can probably put out in a day or two after the Creation Kit release, since the hard part for that is done. The initial release will have about 4 new Grognak trailers, a half dozen commercials, and about 3 or 4 new sketches, including 2 horror ones. All in all I hope to get to the 5 hour mark before the Creation Kit comes out. More importantly, it’ll have proper time conditions and randomizing scripts.

Lastly, here’s some notes on changes to the site layout:

  • First major change is an infinite scroll, this will load new posts forever and ever if you scroll down, but since the pages only load if you scroll it shouldn’t use up too much bandwidth all at once, more of a gradual thing.
  • Changed the site favicon to Vault Boy
  • Twitter feed is now at the top of the right sidebar
  • Font for the site header is now a bit different, thought this looked a little cleaner
  • I figured out how to set the music player with an expandable playlist, this should allow it to take up less space overall. Click the button on the left to see the whole thing. Another quirk I noticed is that the player will continue to run even as you navigate to separate pages, which eliminates the need for a pop-out player.
  • I pared down the header button so it’s less of a clusterfuck for mobile users.

Granted the header’s still a bit involved since it shows every entry in the drop-down menu, but at least now it’s manageable. First thing I eliminated was the drop-downs for the forums and the casting calls, then the donation button, since it’s pretty much a waste of space. Not sure if the screenshots is pointless either but it doesn’t take up too much real estate and keeps the header full.

I considered separating the Fallout and TES downloads, but I wasn’t sure what to call it. The fact that it says downloads makes it pretty clear that’s what it is, if it said Fallout/TES you wouldn’t know what you were clicking until it was too late and now your room is filled with bats. So I left it alone. Besides, wouldn’t have made a lick of difference for mobile, and that was the whole point.