Bard Animations and Weapon Draws

Okay, just added a fix to the bard play. Previously, you had to draw your weapon to exit out of player bard mode. However, nonoodles pointed me to the IdlePlayerStop animation which you can run via the following script:


Unfortunately, if you look at Gameplay–>Animations in the CK, the vanilla IdlePlayerStop animation is set up incorrectly. It’s set to run IdlePlayer, which is ostensibly useless, at least when I tested it.


Similarly, the IdleStop animation is useless because it’s conditioned not to run on the player.


Technically, we can “fix” either of these animations by altering the Anim Event or the conditions, but you never really want to fuck with the vanilla settings. Thus, using the copy/paste feature, we make an additional idle with the name IdlePlayerStop3DNPC.


As you can see, this animation runs IdleStop and is not conditioned to anything. Then in our script attached to the scene, we reference the new animation like so:


The result is the player will stop using the lute animation without a need for drawing a weapon. Although sometimes you just feel like drawing it anyway.

The Adventures of Samwise Barley – Vol. 1

So I’m thinking of holding a modding class of sorts every few weeks or so. LadyGray and Mouse offered to be the initial guinea pigs, but the idea is that anyone can join. Just PM me your Skype name if you’re interested in being in the next class.

This episode focuses on making an NPC, the next one will go over making him a follower. Apologies in advance for the intro, my knowledge of A Game of Rings and its music is sketchy at best.