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    First of all I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Kris Takahashi and all of those involved in making this incredible mod (expansion!)! This is my favorite mod and I’ve finally had the chance to experience the majority of it, and well on my way to enjoying ALL of it! This is an essential mod for me, endorsed and donated! So, enough bootlicking to hopefully get help to my current issue ;)

    I did the quest “The Sleeping Giant” and recruited Anum-La first, so her quest “Honor’s Calling” started when I got to Jorrvaskr to get Fjona, but she did not have the specific dialogue which triggers the courier. Well after The Sleeping Giant she left as scripted and I wasn’t able to ask her to join me, and when I went back to the tree south of Folgunthur she was not there. I tried waiting in game 30 days and she still isn’t there. I am reluctant to use the console to bring her to me because she seems to be tied to a lot of quests and I’ve only done the one with her, plus I wasn’t sure I should use the console for these NPC’s anyway. Is there a way to find her again or would using the console commands be okay?

    EDIT; This was the case, she showed up immediately after waiting in game 1 hour while inside The Moorside Inn in Morthal after 6pm. http://3dnpc.com/forums/topic/cant-find-anum-la-or-zora-after-dismissing-them/

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