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    1. Completed Audrey’s quest with her sister living. In Audrey’s dialogue, there is a relationship question. When I click on it there is always an answer to the effect that she doesn’t want to talk about it. What can I do to know if I have the right affinity or if this is somehow broken? I have a mod that tells me the current affinity for vanilla characters but not for TftC characters.

    2. Other question from the Nexus Forum:

    “I am confused I will try not to use spoilers.

    If say I wanted to do at quest related to hippies, do I need to meet the head hippie somwhere else other than the commune?

    I got there, and talked, but nada. and 3dnpc says I should talk to him and his little buddy somewhere else. But I don’t know a) where that is or b) if that should happen before or after I find commune. I searched the faq but only saw 1 question related to this quest and it was not this one.”

    The question stood out for me since I have been there, talked to the characters and still have the objective to seek out the signal for Fiddler’s Green under miscellaneous.

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