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    Kaia Linden

    Anyone tried this yet? I’m just building a game, hoping that there won’t be any problems taking the crew with me…



    I am keeping a watch on what mods people report as being troublesome with Beyond Skyrim SE before trying it. I suspect I will wait till the first or second update for the SE version is released.

    Beyond Skyrim is one of only two mods that is larger in download size than Interesting NPCs.


    Sonja Reid

    Same as Moksha,
    I am waiting until there have been more updates..

    BTW. In case you are interested, it seems some people have been experiencing problems trying to install BS:B with both NMM and MO/MO2.
    However…. it apparently works with Wrye Bash, which does not surprise me because WRye Bash handles INPCs very well too. Here’s a thread on the topic if anybody cares:

    While I am no mod creator, I do actually know how to use Wrye Bash, so I can help people out there if needed. :)


    Kaia Linden

    Yes, I keep checking for patches!

    I’ve never used WB – one of those things I meant to learn but still haven’t got around to. I’ve got Bruma on Oldrim. Was initially waiting until SKSE arrived before I went down the SE route but from what I’ve picked up it sounds like it’s not going to happen? I know when the next bit of Beyond Skyrim arrives it’ll be SE only but right now I just can’t motivate myself to shift over and lose a lot of my fav mods.

    Is there an easy to follow Wyre Bash tutorial out there?


    Sonja Reid

    This guide is intended for Oblivion, using BOSS, however the process is pretty much identical:

    Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide

    Here is my simplified rundown :)

    1. Download Wrye Bash. I highly recommend the Stand Alone version
    2. Run the executable, it’s fairly intuitive, just follow the steps
    3. Fire up Wrye Bash, and make sure there is a Bash Patch at the bottom of the list that is on the mods tab. Check? OK, good.
    4. Hit the Installers Tab.. it may take a few moments until it opens.
    5. Assuming the mod you want to install is in a simple format that Wrye Bash recognises (for example esp and/or esm, a textures folder, a meshes folder etc… ), drag the entire (UNpacked) archive into the blank area of the installers section. If you have done this correctly, you’ll get a popup asking of you want to copy or move your mod.. I tend to prefer “copy” but that is up to you.
    6. If all has gone well, there should be a pretty pink box beside the mod you just installed (we are still in the installers tab area). Check the box, right click on the mod, and on the menu that appears, hit “Install.”
    7. Now… Go to your Mods tab. The new mod will likely be on the bottom of you list. Check the box, if it isn’t already checked.
    8. Run Loot to for your load order
    9. Remember the Bash Patch I mentioned up above? Go to it now, Right click on it, and on the menu, hit Rebuild Patch. On the next screen, you don’t need to change anything, just hit “Build Patch.”
    10. If everything has went well, you should be done. :)

    Now, bear in mind, this is to install a simple mod… Some mods are more complex in structure, and you’ll need to select more options. this however, will hopefully get you started. Also.. some mods (specifically most FOMODs) cannot be installed with Wrye Bash. If it isn’t too much of an ordeal, I repack them, otherwise I use NMM for those.


    Sonja Reid

    I’m doing so in a fresh post, because this place gets really funky with trying to edit, I have found.

    Anyway I just manged to find again, the best guide I’ve ever seen on using Bain/Wrye Bash. Here it is:



    1.3 is relatively bug-free, in my experience (I have a relatively lightly modded Skyrim), and the mod is great. It does suffer a bit from not having a proper central storyline, although it’s not that big a fault in an open game.


    Sonja Reid

    Yup.. I just installed it this morning with around 100 or so mods… No problems at all, and the mod is absolutely, mind-blowingly incredible.
    I can’t recommend it highly enough.



    Beyond Skyrim Bruma is a very enjoyable mod. I am currently using the SE version. I used NMM to install it without incidence. Make sure to download the DLC pack and the upgrade patch as well for anybody wanting to try it. I noticed one of the Nexus players has posted screenshots with Zora Fair-Child in Bruma and Sonja talked about bringing Rumarin. That would be unique to have Rumarin and find that Jay his voice actor also present in several Bruma roles. You will find the voice of Misha, Christine Slagman, doing several Bruma characters.



    Damn, now I want an Interesting NPC Bruma Patch. Obviously it would need to include Rumarin. Erevan also has to have Cyrodiil connections though the poor kid may not be too keen on going back there, who else would be fun to bring back there hmmm….
    Then again I pretty much alternate between having hubby Rumarin or Erevan as my companions with the occasional touch of Anum-La or Larkspur.

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