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    LuDean Marvin

    Any tips or gotchas involved in installing and running the mod?


    Kris Takahashi

    Still alpha. I was told the new Creation Kit would allow me to save it, but my CK crashed again.

    You can download the alpha and try it out, it’s just loose files version of 3.31

    In the comments I think someone mentioned they were able to save the mod in the new CK, you can try that as well, I just can’t save it myself, program crashes every time.



    Wonder if some of the mod authors who have currently working SSE mods would be available for a CK saving consult? From what I can gather from the Nexus forums, CDCooley the coder who helps with the Inigo mod is a bit of a wiz when it comes to mod problem solving.



    Ive just installed on SE and did a Wryebash patch and it shouted at me telling me there was a problem in the weapon section. I took a peak in TESVSEdit and it says there are no bytes in any of the weapons. Dont know if this is going to be a problem as I know nearly nothing about internal modding but it sounds like they arent gonna appear lol
    Will the whole thing go nuclear on me or will I be ok ignoring it and giving replacements to the poor things if their weapons are missing?



    Here’s hoping the SE adds some new quests, much preferably ones that include Zora on them. God damn I love that girl.



    Has anyone had experience running the Loose File Alpha with a heavy mod list? I would love to hear some feedback on compatibility.

    Also has anyone been a hero and actually managed to save this mod in the CK and share it?



    So I took the plunge and spent the last three days building and play testing my mod list with the loose file Alpha.

    How big a list? It’s fairly substantial:

    Against all my reservations, everything seems to be working normally. No weird glitches, crashes or missing actors. Only exception being the one or two children added by the Alpha, they conflict with RK Children and have black faces.

    With INPC playing nicely with others I am very happy to start my SSE playthrough.

    If you were hesitating about taking the plunge with the Loose File Alpha then my advice would be:

    1) Get your desired modded game fully working before adding the Alpha. This lets you hunt bugs & issues without worrying about Loose Files.

    2) Add the Alpha and use Alternate start mod to quickstart in Whiterun Inn. Chat to all INPC’s in the city, such as Eldawyn, then go free Zora at Brittleshin Pass as it’s fairly quick to start the Children Fair. If this works and no weirdness has popped up you are probably in the clear.


    If you use a Wyre Bash patch to merge levelled lists, I noticed some minor issues when using Loose Files Alpha.

    – Do NOT disable recommended mods at the initial Wrye prompt.
    – Do NOT use the merged esp option, only use the levelled list merger.

    Reasoning: Disabling mods to merge their esp’s was a normal thing in Oldrim to avoid the 255 esp limit. Attempting this with Loose Alpha installed caused issues with mods just not firing at all after being merged (plus it’s not really necessary yet). The levelled list bash patch still works like a charm.

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    Sonja Reid

    In case it helps anybody, based on thoroughly reading the information in this thread and in the INPC Alpha topic, I have done some testing of my own, and so far the results are very positive:
    INPC SE Process

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    Update from me: 60 hours into my campaign, all running smoothly with no bugs encountered. If you are confident you can balance your mod list and wyre patch it correctly, then go for Loose File Alpha!

    I’m running a modded witchhunter roleplay with a mercenary Zora. Together we are clearing out bandits, apostates and offering solutions to dangerous arcane problems across Skyrim.

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    LuDean Marvin

    LOL. The version of your post that arrived in my inbox said “running smoothly with bugs”. I came to ask for a clarification. I found it edited to my satisfaction.



    Cato, any long-term issues using the form 43 ESP?



    None at all, I played 90 hours on my Witchhunter campaign and it was extremely stable. Only minor note is a few pathing errors for scripted INPC’s sequences, which is because it slightly conflicts with changes made by Immersive Citizens.

    Currently on a short break from SSE, I expect to pick it up again in a month or so to continue the adventure like I usually do.

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