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    Barrett Leddy has a remarkable voice. It would be nice to pair him with one of the remarkable sopranos from this mod in a new song. Maybe a song honoring the noble dragon known as the Lake Ilinalta Monster and ingenuity of some of the good citizens of Riften, who worked cooperatively with the dragon, in developing a cure for the Colly Wobbles.



    Thank you so much for your mod and this beautiful music. Ange the Song Bearer is my favorite bard, and I love the chance meetings with her in a random inn.
    She would be a great character to flesh out as well.




    I’d love to have Skjarn’s version of Wolves of Jorrvaskr!



    For the ones enjoying the haunting atmosphere of Fjona singing the Wolves of Jorrvaskr in Greywater Grotto by Alice Bell i made an audio record of the actual in game scene.




    John Erik CS

    Would it be possible to have ALL songs and recordings available for download somewhere? For isntance, I can’t find Barret Leddy’s Wolves of Jorrvaskr or Mogo’s Mead on the site.

    Also, I’m not entirely happy with the instrumental part of some of the songs, and would like to try replacing it with some actual guitar (perhaps with a lute effect) to some of them. So, who has the vocal recordings? :)

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    Kris Takahashi

    They’re all scattered somewhere on my computer, I can dig for them individually but I don’t really have an organized folder.



    The songs were sung to beat and pitch of the instrumentals. So redoing them might not sync up, although you’re welcome to try. Barrett had to drop the pitch on these too, so they’re actually different than the originals.



    Could I get the mp3 for Daenlyn and Yggleif playing eyldi the bear? And when you get around to putting all the bard song mp3 downloads on this website, could you consider making an expansion pack for the become a bard mod?

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    John Erik C S

    Thanks for digging them up, Kris. Appreciate it! Really love these.

    It wouldn’t pose a problem syncing and pitching my instrumental to Barret’s vocals, but I would off course need the clean vocal track without the instrument.. i guess my best shot is e-mailing Barret about this, especially if he was the one putting the tracks together?

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    Thank you so much for this. The music alone is worthy of a mod but all the stuff you guys added…interesting npcs is EASILY one of my favorite mods of all time. Im dwling as many tracks as I can. Really wish I kept a save file of when the most memorable songs played

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    Hiya! Sorry for posting in such an old, old thread! But would it be too much to ask for the MP3 for Wolves of Jorrvaskr performed by Giramor? It was a duet with a girl (Ronja Moto maybe? I can’t recall)

    Never mind! I dug deeper into my computer and found it.



    Hey Kris!

    Is there a way to upload Arisen1’s version of greywater grotto wolves of jorrvaskr by Fjona? Ever since I’ve heard it in the trailer I’ve been dying to find it.

    Thanks in advance.


    Kris Takahashi

    I have the one with the lute, but do you mean the one that’s a capella in the grotto? That I don’t think I do.



    Thanks for the quick reply :3

    Yes I wanted the a capella version. Sadly the one I’ve found on youtube is incomplete and also has the ambient effects from the game :T

    I even tried to get a prior 3.05 version of INPC but all the dl links are down :/

    I’ll try contacting Stephanie then but it’s unlikely she owns a recording of that I reckon.

    Anyhow thanks a lot <3


    I contacted her and she was so very kind to send me her version.
    In case anyone else wondered what happened with Fjona’s voice she also gave me permission to post them here so here you go:

    jorrvaskr acapella

    jorrvaskr acapella with reverb for extra spookyness

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