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    I guess you’ve got that particullar request before, but I’ve got to ask nevertheless:

    Might you add follower-options to Fjona at some point? It’s just… she is one of the few NPCs that got me really sad when I learned I couldn’t take her as a follower without additional mods, which screw up her dialogue or her voice, depending on what you use…

    So… would you consider having a go at this?


    Kris Takahashi

    Probably not. Alice would be willing I’m sure, but my head is in Fallout mode, I can’t see myself going back to TES until TESVI. Tacking on follower lines in particular is a bit tedious, because most of it is for immersion as opposed to story/narrative.

    Edit: Another popular request is reuniting her with her familiar, but I like the fact that it’s her choice to move on from her childhood friend/guardian and rely on her own strength. I also like some of the sad stories to remain that way, and that for all his/her godliness, there are some things even beyond the Dragonborn’s power. Convincing a stubborn person like Fjona would be one of them.

    Anyways, by TESVI, her familiar could still be alive, but Fjona, she’s probably dead Jim. Unless somehow she too became a ghost or took her familiar’s place…hmmmmmm…that’s the beauty of fantasy, you can really do anything.


    Alice Bell

    I would definitely be willing to do voice work and even writing for some sort of fan patch to make her a follower, similar to the Rumarin in Solstheim patch. Alas, I wouldn’t be able to do anything remotely technical, I had to get my little sister to help me install some mods for Oblivion and Vampire the Masquerade last week because I’m computer/coding/programming illiterate. But, if anyone is willing to cover the technical side I’d definitely be happy to voice a patch!

    Also, I’m not sure if I can speak in an English accent anymore. I’ve been voicing R4-04 for so long that my friends are making fun of how I speak now.



    That is a sad thing. Being in training since march last year my freetime with my computer is mostly limited to my weekends and I simply don’t have the time to become able to mod Skyrim, as fun as it would be… becoming a (german) brewer IS the best though! ;)

    So there won’t be a Fjona follower… then I’ll have to make do with someone else, probably still voiced by you Alice.



    I love iNPC so much, but Kris is a heartbreaker for having Fjona be neither potential follower nor potential spouse! Kris and Alice nailed Fjona’s haunting introduction and it’s painful not being able to have Fjona around more when I play.

    (Not to mention neither Amalee nor Zora being the usual convenient bisexual, Zora needing you to slay Alduin before she’ll marry you, and Helsig not being more developed! I’ve been playing some very lonely, heartbroken characters since I installed iNPC…)

    pelzknaeul mentioned another follower voiced by Alice, though… are there any? I haven’t seen any in iNPC, but I know some of the best voice actors like Christian Gaughf and Anna Castiglioni have done voice work in other mods that add followers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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