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    Hey everyone! I’ve always loved, writing, Fallout, and the wonderful mods that people can create. Lately as I’ve started to get more free time and subsequently tried out various questions mods for FO4, including this massive mod which has added hours of fulfilling gameplay, I’ve desperately been wanting to help contribute to this extended experience that gamers enjoy.

    Probably my favorite part of well-done mods is after meeting and talking with the new NPC’s (side note, you VA’s are incredible and I have no clue how you do it. I don’t think I could ever voice act) when I go snooping through their terminals to learn their backstory. Is it a group of veteran Minutemen? Time to see the horrors they faced as their command structure fell apart. A group of raiders? Let’s find out if it started with them doing only what was necessary until the line between right and wrong was too blurred to distinguish, or if that named character I just killed was a sadistic creep I’m going to have nightmares about! That’s the kind of experience I’d love to help create for players.

    To end my rant, I’d love to be a part of this mod, and even if there’s no need for my services, I’d greatly appreciate just being able to look in on the process so I can learn for the future.

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