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    The first time I ever opened up the Creation Kit was January of this year. I had modded a game for the first time in 2013 (also the same year I built my desktop PC). I’ve always been fascinated by what goes into creating content and making games work, but I’ve heard so many horror stories about the industry that I’ve firmly decided to never view it as a source of work. Modding, however, lets me have my cake without having to bake it via a chainsaw- now I can understand just what goes into these tasks in my spare time. It helps that right now, I find it all fun.

    As a way to get myself out there more, I’ve decided to put up my list of mods here for viewing. If they seem like something that would appeal to you, enjoy them. If not, well, sorry to waste your time.

    1. Classic Ammo Names
    Classic Ammo Names

    This is going to doom me to being seen as a neckbeard hipster, but I’ve played and finished Fallout 1 and 2 before 3 was advertised (Tactics was not until sometime after New Vegas). I’m willing to forgive Bethesda for any setting discrepancies and oddities in 3 since it was their first crack at the universe, but I still wished they’d kept the ammo names the same where they could; the alternate ammo names especially helped emphasize it was an alternate universe. (Guess my opinion on 4. Go on. You know you want to.) When I saw that the names didn’t quite make a return in 4- barring 7.62 finally coming back in Nuka World- I decided to open up the Geck for the first time.

    The result: where an applicable classic ammo name was found, I replaced the current one with what it originally was. I also made a compatibility patch for Nuka World as well, and for Trainwiz’s Alternate Ammunition. Overall, I like what I’ve done with it, but changing the models of the turrets to read .223 instead of 5.56 is a bit out of my abilities for now.

    2. Handmade Rifle Uses .308
    Handmade Rifle Uses .308

    This mod was made at the request at the first comment directed towards me. He asked me to make it so that the Handmade Rifle introduced in Nuka World uses the .308 round already in the base game. I did just that, and adjusted the raider leveled lists so that they’d have .308 ammo when found, along with dummying out the 7.62 rounds from all leveled lists. This is still a WIP however- all hand-placed instances of 7.62 still need to be found and removed, but that at least is something I know I can learn eventually.

    3. Assault Rifle to Machine Gun
    The Art of Fallout 4- Machine Gun

    Whenever I hear talk of how game files refer to the Assault Rifle as a Machine Gun, I was confused (the CK calls it an Assault Rifle from what I’ve seen, but I am new to this). However, the Art of Fallout 4 reveals that it originally was going to be called a Machine Gun, but was dubbed an Assault Rifle later on. It’s not my place to speculate why, but having something that big be an Assault Rifle seems off and a little funny. So I changed the name, and all instances of it should now be ‘Machine Gun’.

    More will be added and edited as more mods are released. I wonder how far my skillset will go?

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