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    Ivan Chu

    EDIT: Sorry feel free to delete this post. Originally I wanted to ask how to update from the alpha version but I realized there is only 1 esp so I suppose all I have to do is overwrite the files.


    Sonja Reid

    @ Ivan Chu,
    I’m not exactly the best person to answer questions about updating, because I’m one of those paranoid individuals who avoids updating mods during a play-through, and sometimes I even wait until a fresh install.

    That said, there are some important differences between the original Alpha and the file I have uploaded:
    * Camaug, in their version saved the esp in the SE construction set so that it reads “Form 44″ (LE uses form 43). Also, Camaug optimised the meshes.
    * I unpacked Camaug’s work and merged some duplicate folders that were causing several people problems. Those folders are also present in the original Alpha.
    * If you simply overwrite the Alpha in your install, those duplicate folders will very likely still be there….

    Therefore, my advice is this…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If the original Alpha file is working fine for you, just leave things as they are. On the other hand, if you are having problems, you have nothing to lose by updating. However, I’d advise entirely removing the files you now have, and then installing the new version.

    As I’ve said though… I’m hardly an expert.



    Triptherift, has finally put Interesting NPCs SE into a BSA format.


    Sonja Reid

    Thanks for posting that link, and the images, Moksha. I was on the fence about doing so, because I wasn’t certain how Trip would feel, but.. now I think about it, it actually makes sense to mention it here, and if Trip would rather we didn’t, no doubt we’ll find out. :)

    A couple of updates.
    Using the loose file compilation I made, I’ve completed Forgotten Lore with no problems at all. Now, I know, with the original Alpha files, some people have reported issues with the subsequent quest that comes afterwards.. so I’ll be interested to see how that goes when I do it.
    I also just stumbled across Children of the Dust, and so far, so good.

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    Ivan Chu

    Hey, didn’t get to read your reply in time so I went ahead and updated to your files already. =\

    I encountered 1 grey face for Cassock @ Winking Skeever. So far all other 3DNPC NPCs I’ve met are fine – Gorr, Fironet, Brakh, and all the NPCs from “Spell it Out for Me” quest etc. So Cassock seems to be the only one for now. Can you please look into it? Thanks. In the meantime I’ll try and see if I can solve it myself.

    EDIT: Oh and yeah I did “delete” all the original Alpha files before updating to your version. I quote “delete” because not literally. I use Mod Organizer so I can just deactivate all the files without actually deleting them. =)

    EDIT 2: Ctrl + F4 on Cassock in Creation Kit didn’t help.

    EDIT 3: FIXED!! I grabbed the original Alpha’s Cassock FaceGeom NIF and he’s back to normal. The NIF filename is this btw in case you have the same problem: 001DCCB0.NIF


    Sonja Reid

    I haven’t had any grey faces at all in my game… so I’ve no idea what might be up. It may even be something to do with your particular configuration, grey/black faces are a common problem across the board in SSE, from what I’ve gathered. Also, it’s possible that your install process caused an issue, but that is guesswork.
    As I said, I am not a mod creator, so there is a real limit to what I can offer in terms of support. All I’ve done is taken Camaug’s repack, removed those duplicate files, and repacked everything. I did so for my personal use, because I can’t play Skyrim without INPCs, I’ve discovered. After that, I made the assumption I’m not the only one who wants INPCs in SE, so I posted instructions on what I actually did. Then, Moksha asked me to post my repack, and I did because I figured others might want a version without those duplicate files.
    What all of this really needs, however, is for the INPC team to create an official SSE version of the mod. Given that it is obviously possible, by now, to save the esp in the SE Creation Kit, and it is possible to run the nifs through an optimiser (as has been done with with the updated versions posted here)… much of the groundwork has already been done. I really hope they have the time at some point to do this. I know they’re pretty caught up in the Fallout 4 version of this mod, but maybe… eventually. INPCs is an excellent, and integral (for many, at least) part of Skyrim.. it would be a real shame if there’s never an official SSE final port.

    Just reread your post, and I’m glad to see you were able to fix your issue. :)

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    Sonja Reid

    @Ivan Chu,
    OK, I decided to create a fresh post, rather than edit the one above yet again

    Anyway, it turns out I’m an idiot.. or blind. Or maybe my excuse is that I didn’t pay much attention to Cassock, well… under his cassock, because, just now, I decided to take a gander and double-check by removing his clothing with the showitem console command. Sure enough, you are right.. black face.
    I was able to patch my game using the nif file you mentioned above, and I will also put it into the folder I have. I won’t repost the repack just yet, in case more situations like this come up, may as well take care of them all at once, I think.

    By the way, and this proves I’m really very far from comfortable here, how do you find those nif IDs?
    I clicked on the Cassock via the console, and I also ran a search on his name in the console, but both of those IDs were entirely different from the file name above.



    Sonja, do you think this is something Triptherift needs to be alerted about?


    Sonja Reid

    @Moksha, I do not know, maybe.
    It depends on the order in which Triptherift merged the duplicate files, which affects what overwrites what.
    I don’t have time right now but in the next day, or so, I’m going to redo the pack I made as well.

    Actually… d’uh. There is an easy way to find out if Trip needs to be alerted. If you are running Trip’s files in your game, all you need to do is check to see whether Cassock has a black face. If not, all should be fine.

    EDIT 2

    OK, some very important info here.
    I ended up having a persistent CTD upon approaching (from any direction) a certain ship during the quest “My Brother, My Keeper.” I was not sure what to do, and deliberated between console hacking my way through using SetStage, and updating to Trip’s version. I decided on the latter, because even though updating mods mid-playthrough makes me nervous, it seemed likely that if there was a problem here, there might well be others.
    Result? Updating to Trip’s BSA worked well, and I was able to complete “MY Brother, My Keeper,” normally.
    I also disabled the patch I made for Cassock to see if the black face was still an issue; it is not. So, no cause to alert TripTheRift. :)

    I think I am going to remove the package I made.. Although my hunch is that the CTD I was experiencing was the result of incorrect nifs, the reality is that it could have been anything, and I’m not precisely sure on everything Trip did; as I said, I’m no mod creator. However, a much better version *has* been made by a very talented modder, and I counsel everyone to use that.
    So… in sum, I ultimately messed up, but at the same time….. we now, thanks to Trip who indulged my grovelling and then went above and beyond, have a BSA version of INPCS SE that has a form 44 esp, optimised meshes (also thanks to Camaug there), and cleaned up files, so no more duplicates.
    I’m happy :)

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    Sonja, when I read the Triptherift on her latest mod I felt alarmed and saddened.

    Apparently, she has terminal cancer that has metastasized.

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    Sonja Reid




    Ivan Chu

    I found Cassock’s NIF ID through SSEdit. Open 3DNPC.esp and under NPC you can find all their NIF IDs.

    And yeah, at first I didn’t realize Cassock has black face too due to his hooded clothing. Then later on noticed his hands are green and face is not so decided to kill & loot him to finally find out. :v



    I got a bug with Sonja (in game npc ;)) when first met. When I initiate conversation with her the audio doesnt come up and the game freezes while displaying her subtitle line.

    Im using Trip’s BSA. You guys have met Sonja yet? Just curious. I’ll try using the loose files version just to test meanwhile.

    EDIT: Looks like the loose files version fixed the dialogue

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    Ivan Chu

    Found another NPC needing fixing. Felena from Radiant Dark quest. On her Wiki page it says her base ID is xx1316AF but it actually is xx1318AF. Anyway she has black face currently. Need to grab 001318AF.NIF from the original loose file version and replace it.


    Sonja Reid

    OK, sorry for the considerable delay in replying.. I’ve been somewhat distracted by other matters.

    Anyway, I too had the bug with the “Sonja” NPC. Since I feel that Trip’s compressed version is far better in every way, what I did was to simply make a patch. I copied Sonja’s voice files from the loose version, and set up the patch as so:

    Data > Sound > Voice > 3DNPC.esp > SonjaVoice

    Then I packed everything into an archive, and I installed it with Wrye Bash. this seems to work.

    Here is the really odd thing… I have the *exact* same problem with Pelgurt (Elven Sword Quest) in the Windhelm inn. However, I have looked everywhere… the original Alpha files, the repack and the original files for the LE version. Pelgurt does not have a voice pack the way the others do. yet, he must have voice files *somewhere* because I successfully completed that quest in the Classic (LE) version of the game.
    I’m guessing those files are hidden somewhere in a subfolder, but I have no idea where… If I knew I’d make a similar patch for him as well.

    As to issues with the loose files version I put together… I *really* urge people to use Trip’s compressed version, despite the few voice bugs, it is the better way to go.

    If anybody knows where to find Pelgurt’s voice files… please let me know.

    But, bear in mind, I really CANNOT stress this enough… I am NOT a mod creator… I’m not in a position where I can offer technical support.
    I only hope that the official team will eventually take a look at this thread, and any others that have been made… and that they’ll use the information (or lack thereof ? :D ), and create, at the very least, an official Beta version.
    Please…please…. please… If you can find the time guys… :)

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