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    Thought I would share some of my advice given in a PM section regarding Wyre Bash & Smash patching for SSE. May help others? (shrugs)

    Wrye Bash, ESP merging and loose files.

    Short summary: Wyre Bash is amazing for creating a custom patch to merge mods which affect levelled lists. E.g. multiple weapon mods, loot table modifiers, armour mods.

    However: do NOT merge any ESP’s together for SSE for any reason at this time until a new tool emerges (which may never happen). Also do not deactivate suggested mods when building a patch if prompted. Only Bash Patch the Levelled Lists.


    1) Code Difference – Wrye Bash (or the latest version, Wrye Smash) is pre-SSE and handles the code a little differently. Attempting to create merged ESP’s and Patches gives the newly created file an Oldrim code header (or something like that), this results in the majority of the merged ESP’s failing to function at all in-game. I have personally experienced this.

    2) Merging ESP’s is no longer necessary. Oldrim had a 255 ESP limit due to the old Engine, this made carefully merging ESP’s and their patches essential for large mod lists to function – doing so had no impact on performance, you could just reduce your slot count. SSE has something like a 6000 ESP limit.

    3) Wyre Bash asks you to deactivate mods which it is going Bash patch, which seems like a good idea until you remember point #1. After a few days of testing, I realised many of the contents of my merged level lists for weapons and loot tables were missing textures, but that re-enabling the original mod ESP alongside the Bash patch (which is bottom of the load order) restored all functionality. Now this may be some funky combo of SSE vs Wyre Bash vs NMM but my simple solution is to ignore Wrye Bash’s plea to deactivate mods during bash Patch creation and everything is peachy.


    Runs with buns

    Just wanted to drop by to tell the 3dnpc creators how much the mod means to me and even though I’m itching to try out sss, I know how richer my experience would be with an updated 3dnpc.


    Rodrigo Almeida

    Hello, I tried trip’s compressed INPCs, but a couple of the npcs are without voice and i need to disable them and activate to be able to leave the dialogue, what is going on?



    I am curious to know how people are installing Trip’s bsa? NMM chokes on it every time, MO2 doesn’t load an esp file with it and looking inside it to try and install manually there is nothing in the FOMOD folder. How are people successfully installing it? I love this mod and my game feels empty without it but I’m struggling to make Trip’s work and I definitely won’t play without TKAA ;)


    Sonja Reid

    I am using Wrye Bash to install Trip’s version. It takes a little while, but it does work. I also used Wrye Bash to install Beyond Skyrim:Bruma. NMM does not handle large files well, I only ever use it to install small FOMODs (Wrye doesn’t handle FOMODs).
    If you don’t know how to use Wrye Bash, check the thread I’m about to link. About midway through I left some quick and dirty Wrye Bash instructions:

    Beyond Skyrim

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    Rodrigo Almeida

    I used Mod Organizer v2.0.8.3 to install normally, everything is working but the dialogues (no audio and no subtitle) making me get stuck



    Sonja, Thanks for the reply. Isn’t Tripp’s file a FOMOD?


    Sonja Reid

    I can’t recall if Tripp’s contains a FOMOD, but regardless, in this case Wrye bash handled it very well. It took a bit of time, but it works.

    Yes, some of the sound files in Tripp’s mod are missing. To date:
    Sonja’s in the Frost Fruit Inn, Fjona’s Familiar, and Pelgurt in the Windhelm Inn.
    I’ve managed to make patches for the first two, which I’ll try to find time to upload here tomorrow. However, I cannot, for the life of me, locate Pelgurt’s voice files anywhere. I looked in the loose files… nowhere to be seen. I also, out of curiosity, looked in the LE version of the mod, and didn’t see them there either.. so that one has me stumped.
    Those are the voice problems I’ve encountered so far… If anybody has more to report, please do. I *might* be able to make patches for them, if I can find the files, but no promises… as I keep saying… I am NOT a modder. :)


    Rodrigo Almeida

    Lleyara, the npc that stays above Angi’s Camp with a friendly dragon is also voiceless


    Sonja Reid

    OK Here is a link where people can download voice patches for Fjona’s Familiar, Sonja and Lelara.
    Please note, I have not tested the Lelara patch because I don’t have the time right now. Please let me know if it works.


    Sonja Reid

    Good News!
    On a hunch I managed to figure out where Pelgurt’s sound files were hiding… as it transpires, they were in a large sub folder with a host of other sound files. Since the individual files were not clearly labelled, I simply copied everything there into a patch… this means that any other files missing from that specific folder will have also been dealt with, presumably.
    Here is a download link.

    Note that you will need this file IN ADDITION TO the files linked directly above.
    At this stage, I am hoping ( *crosses fingers* ), that adding sound patch as the need occurs should be a fairly straightforward matter… Again, no promises, but it looks as though it shouldn’t present a problem.

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    Sonja Reid

    I have tested Lleyara’s sound patch, and she now works fine.

    Also, has anybody experienced any issues with the large sound patch I uploaded over a week ago? Currently, I’m assuming “No news = good news.”



    Sonja, I have looked into Trip’s BSA, and strangely, the voice files of all the problematic NPCs (Leyara, Sonja, Pelgurt, etc) are all present, but cannot be extracted. It appears that some of the files inside Trip’s BSA are corrupt. Other than voice files, I have found that several music files and …/meshes/quiverwings files are corrupt as well.

    So, what I did was unpack every file from the BSA except the Sound folder, the Music folder, and the Meshes/Quiverwings folder. Then, I replaced all missing files/folders from your loose compilation. So far, I haven’t run into any issue (no cassock black face, no missing voices, etc)

    One thing that bothers me is I can’t seem to properly repack these loose files into a BSA. Using the TESArchive tool, NPC’s simply won’t have any voices at all. Does anyone have any idea on how Trip did it?



    Sorry i couldn’t answer before, went without internet in the past few days, but yeah Sonja, your patch worked fine as far as I could tell, i’m just finding some npc’s without name and interaction now.

    Edit:Agh, account glitch

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    Sonja Reid

    Since dealing with this.. I’ve developed a whole new respect for mod authors.. sometimes you just want to pull your hair out.

    ugh… OK, at least we seem to be inching slowly closer to a properly stable version, but wow… The reason I actually stopped using my own loose files version (which I thought I’d posted about, but apparently not) is that I was getting a persistent CTD when approaching the boat that appears near the end of Brother and Keeper. At the time I thought it was something to do with the loose files, but perhaps it was something else. Has anybody else experienced a CTD at that juncture using the loose files I posted?

    I think, what I will do is create patches for the corrupt files you mentioned and install those over Trip’s BSA, and see if that works in my game. The reason being, I’d rather not tinker with my setup too much at this point, seeing as currently INPCs appears to be working. Of course, it is such a massive mod…. it’s truly hard to know what is functioning and what isn’t.

    @khajiit, which NPCs have no name, or interaction? So far, I don’t recall finding any.

    I’ve said this before, and I will say it again… Considering that the esp for this mod has been saved in the new CK and now has form 44, and that the Meshes were optimised for SSE by Camaug…. I *really* REALLY wish the team had the time to release a fully stable version for SSE.
    I’m no mod author, and while I have some understanding of file structures, and I can create basic patches… that is about it in terms of my abilities.

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