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    Rodrigo Almeida

    Well, I don’t know their names, I was just wandering around skyrim and found a Khajiit without name and no interaction, i just saw the id and it was from 3DNPCs, I’ll try to find his full ID

    NOTE: I’m the Khajiit from the post above


    Sonja Reid

    @ Rodrigo,
    Hmmm… was that in the northern areas by any chance? Somewhere around the Shrine of Azura, Whistling Mine or Winterhold?
    If so that may have been Qa’Dojo. Though if that is the case, I’m not sure I can be of any help, he’s completely fine in my game, so I don’t know what might be up.

    Assuming this is Qu’Dojo, how did you install the mod? If you did so with NMM, I’d suggest either trying manually or with Wrye Bash.. NMM has problems handling large files like this, so if that is what you used, something may have gone awry.

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    Hi, and thanks for all the work you’ve put in making 3dnpc for Skyrim SE stable!

    I noticed that in my game (which uses trip’s bsa and the sound patches), Iria in Skyrim was voiceless as well. Patching in the sound files from the loose version fixed it so I just wanted to give a heads-up. I can also PM or upload the patch if this is a generalized issue and not something that went wrong in my installation.


    Sonja Reid

    Cheers… I don’t think I’ve done all that much, but I appreciate the sentiment.
    regarding Iria, yes, please do upload the patch if you don’t mind. I think it would be helpful to do this, every time we encounter a voiceless NPC.
    Speaking of patches, I need to upload one I made for Olivia Meronin as well; I’ll probably do that before bed, since they can take some time.

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    Here it is. Feel free to put it up with the rest of your uploads if you want to!


    Rodrigo Almeida

    It was around Mzinchaleft, and I use Mod Organizer to install and organize the mod priority, I am trying to check if the problem is my save game


    Sonja Reid

    Cheers Comradeer!
    What I am thinking, is that we should give it maybe another month or so, and then I’ll create a new post with all of the patches that have been made to date… Hopefully by that time the various sound issues with Trip’s version will have been found..

    Hmm… I don’t think I’ve ever encountered Qa’Dojo around Mzinchaleft, but I’m not sure which other INPC Khajiit wander that area? Was the Khajiit male or female, that might help in trying or narrow things down.

    I actually just checked the INPCs found in the Pale and there are, not, in fact any Khajitt listed as being there… Assuming, of course, that page is up-to-date. I’m confused…. :D

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    Rodrigo Almeida

    Found the problem, it is a broken save game, the id shows a mod index that doesn’t exist in my load order



    I’m using the latest Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) with Skyrim SE, on a fast computer with SSD. NMM, sadly, could not activate the BSA version from tripp. It could ‘add’ the file but not activate it.

    What’s the best way to get this running if you’re using NMM? I grabbed all the various voice/face patches linked in thread. Has anyone had success in NMM with the loose files repack that sonja uploaded? The latest NMM is really good at handling everything else, including virtual folders for a clean install. This is the last thing missing from my Skyrim SE install.

    Perhaps the mod’s BSA should be broken up into multiple parts (smaller BSAs), each of which is mandatory? Would that work?

    edit: this is a mess. I can’t extract trip’s BSA because the extractors think it’s corrupt (SSE / BA2 aware extractors), and we know it does have corrupt files. I am hesitant to try sonja’s loose files because she said there were CTDs in it that she never solved. The .esp uploaded by KT in the 3.31 alpha was “form 43”, right? I do not see a good option here, at all.

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    update: last night I grabbed sonja’s rebuilt loose files zip with the form 44 ESP and KT’s 3.11 loose files alpha. I also grabbed every patch I could find linked in this thread for various face/sound issues. I unzipped sonja’s archive, copied all patches into it, skipping already existing files. I compared against KT’s loose files alpha. The only difference was in the meshes directory, where KT’s archive had multiple ESP subdirectories, but the sonja archive+patches had all the same files in one directory. I re-zipped my patched loose files archive to a .7z, and NMM was able to install _and_ activate. It did take >30 minutes total for NMM to do its thing. Initial iNPCs in whiterun/riverwood functioned normally.

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    Chem, how it’s going?

    I just encountered Cossack black face and I’m trying to remember which combination of versions and patches I used to get there.

    Will probably need to install it from scratch following the idea on the previous page.

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    Upd. I made a compilation of patches over Trip’s .bsa and it seem to work finr atm.

    Btw, if anyone here uses 3dNPC alongside EEO (ethereal elvhen overhaul), I have regenerated facegen to fix elven 3dNPC vampires black faces (there are about 5 of them). I can post the link here if anyone need them.

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    Tatiana, a link and any steps necessary to make it work with Triptherift’s BSA file would be great.

    Even better if both files could also be hosted here on



    Aaand how do I host an archive here? Can’t see any options for that.
    Ethereal Elvhen Overhaul patch is here for now: Dropbox link

    There are just regenerated facegen files (meshes and textures). I can’t save 3dnpc.esp in SE CK even if I wanted to make any changes to their appearances (which I don’t because they don’t belong to me).
    Works the same way all the patches linked here work – simply override the mod files, either by installing as a separate “patch” or by copypasting the files right away into /data or mod’s directory. Will work with any SE compilation of 3dNPC, provided you use EEO.
    The patch covers elvhen vampires that were broken after USSEP update. Ah, meaning you don’t want this patch if you don’t use USSEP/another mod that forwards USSEP changes to vampire head parts or whatever that was.

    I use MO so I just dumped these files in 3DNPC mod category alongside the .bsa.

    Warning! I didn’t check all of the NPCs. I stubmled upon a black faced wood elf vampire in Windhelm and that prompted me to create a patch.

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