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    when zora asks in solitude, if u want her to use more magic or ice spell…does the answer actually do anything? makes her use ice spell instead of sword? also, if it does actually change anything, if i tell her to keep doing as she is, will the option to use magic be gone for good?

    oh and do zora and Rumerin not have any banter between them directly? i’ve been traveling w/ them for ages and never have they spoken to each other directly in like a scene. i’ve had dialog options that i could choose (what does zora thing of rumerin. rumerin’s faux pas w/ an insect ect), but never have they spoken directly to each other, like say, Alessa and Eravan do


    Kris Takahashi

    Doesn’t change anything, the use of magic versus combat(where you can get more scars) is just important as it pertains to her character. The fact that she’s comfortable doing the latter is a sign she’s over it. It also means something regarding what type of person your PC, maybe they’re overprotective and want her to use magic, for example.

    They don’t have banter because the mod and the game (balance wise) was designed for the vanilla 1 companion limit. Banter exists during quests only because that’s when I know you have multiple followers. I didn’t want to incentivize having a multiple follower mod in that regard, especially since it alters the combat considerably.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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