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    Chris Moran

    Hallo! First I would love to thank you for such a well-put together mod in Tales of the Commonwealth, which really enriches the experience of the game. And so many NPCs to talk to and get to know!

    On to my point, and I warn that there be SPOILERS for R4-04’s story.

    I liked it overall, but I will admit that some points left me a touch confused. The main one being this: Is Mara indeed a person whose brain was uploaded to a synth body, a la Nick Valentine, or does she simply believe herself to be, since a lot of the stuff found in the vault seems to contradict it? I’m confused because her knowledge of the old world is much more thorough than one would expect of an artificial set of memories, not to mention that a detailed ‘fake’ background doesn’t seem likely to have been considered important in the experiment she was in. The vault had no facilities for a virtual world like Tranquility Lane, and it is definite that her memory has been tampered with in some way due to her lack of recollection of her diary entries. The terminals are likewise somewhat ambiguous as to whether the Mara who arrived there was a synth or simply a very talented human whose brain was uploaded after the riot.

    Is the ambiguity I’m seeing intentional or am I missing the obvious? The overseer in the end referred to the other ‘Maras’ as assaultrons, leading one to believe that Mara was intended to be a kind of next-gen assaultron, one that could pass for human but attack with an assaultron’s strength and speed as a sort of super assassin?

    In the end, it didn’t matter to me that much in terms of what I thought of her. She’s still the same person after as she was before, with a lot of wisecracks, pre-war references and having one of the more ‘together’ personalities I have encountered in the game. I’m not really qualified to answer if it matters that much if she was always a synth who believed she was something more, since she’s still one of the more three dimensional people out there in the first place. I just be curious.


    Chris Moran

    Aaand having just reinstalled Fallout 3 and played Room 404, my main question is answered. Felt a lot like an episode of Twilight Zone at first, with my Lone Wanderer doing a big double-take after taking a wrong turn in an abandoned building. “Okay, opening a door… now I’m in a pre-war set of apartments. Bwuh?”



    Could you summarize the story of the ‘Room 404’ quest for me & others who haven’t played it? I don’t own a copy of FO3 and I was also confused at the end of ‘Human Nature’. There’s so much that isn’t properly explained.

    It sounds as though Vault-Tec developed synthetic humans hundreds of years before the Institute, at a time when the Mr. Handy and Robobrain were state of the art robotics.

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