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    After unwinding in a somewhat dreary Scottish apartment for the last month whilst on a business trip with nothing but my Macbook, checking out Civ VI Twitch streams and watching MxR mod videos one thing has become clear:

    After I’m done with Civ VI release, I’m going back to mod the sweet Nine Divine out of the new Skyrim engine. It’s been two years since I’ve played Skyrim properly and the advancement of the skill-set on the Nexus is incredible.

    64 bit engine upgrade – why is Bethesda not marketing that fact more? It’s huge news for the PC fanbase as the 2.5 GB VRAM hard limit has been removed. This means more mods, better graphics, better stability. The thought of 2016 mod talent unleashed on a Skyrim with Fallout 4 engine & graphics leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy.

    And of course with this mod ;-)

    Are you looking forward to Special Edition? How do you see it impacting your play (or not)?


    Kris Takahashi

    I don’t know if I’ll personally have time to play, but the changes are pretty exciting.

    As for Interesting NPCs, I’ll probably release an alpha version that’s purely experimental, just ESP and BSA. I am not 100% confident it will be compatible, for reasons I’m not sure I can expound on due to the NDA.

    I’ll make a post in more detail on the 28th regarding the SE version of the mod. I mean, I installed the mod and played it in theory, (i.e., I talked to and recruited Hjoromir) but obviously given the breadth of the mod/game and some of the things I’ve read online, I probably need to play all 50 odd quests and then some.



    Awesome, I look forward to the reveal post on the 28th.

    I was planning to wait for one month or so for modders to adapt and port their mods before starting a new character roleplay playthrough (An Oblivion style Witch Hunter).

    With the above in mind, whilst I wait I would be willing to help test out a pure vanilla SSE build + INPC if you would like some help checking quest staging, triggering etc. Maybe something for another thread, anyway offer is there.


    Kaia Linden

    If S:SE screws up 3DNPCs, that’ll be a bit of a dealbreaker for me. But I have a pretty stable Skyrim: Original Edition that (as far as I can tell) looks just as good as the rework, and I’m guessing plenty of the mods I use won’t transfer either so.. *shrug*.



    Any clue *why* the new CK doesn’t like you? Maybe you didn’t sacrifice enough skeevers before you hit the “save” button? ;)

    I’m in the middle of an old version playthrough, which at this rate is going to take me months to finish. I’m hoping by then all the new and interesting bugs have been shaken out of SSE and all my favorite mods have been ported successfully (i.e., this one and a handful of others).

    If/once you get 3DNPCs working on SSE, will future updates of 3DNPCs be for SSE only? It does sound like it could be a pain to maintain two separate development streams.

    Cheers, and thanks for making the effort to port it :)




    Once I get INPCs, Vilja, Inigo and some 180 other mods up and running with SSE, it might be time to switch entirely to that version. For now, I made a save near the end of the Helgen cave. There is a new version of TES5edit called SSEedit and it can be run within the new version of NMM. Since Bethesda has left in the legacy errors, I assume it would help things to clean the new SSSE.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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