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    Jamie Keith


    I’m having the forcegreet issue with R4-04 at affinity 1000. She does not initiate the companion quest, but instead initiates conversaton endlessly. I’m sure you know the symptoms – I’ve seen people complain about Birdie doing it before it was fixed.

    I also read about a manual solution entered through the console for the issue with Birdie. Affinity for R4-04 is at 1006 currently. To avoid the issue, I had to reload and set the affinity to 751 – then it happened again when she reached 1000 a second time.

    Do you have any solutions to this? Even manually entering some setstage commands would be fine at this point.

    Thank you for all your hard work, you’ve really added some needed dimension to the game. :)


    Jamie Keith

    Sorry, did not mention. I’m running v2.5 + DLC.


    Kris Takahashi

    Please use the FAQ section. You can respond to this thread if you like or make a new one.

    The dialogue to start the quest checks if you are on stage 0 of her companion quest, and have done stage 500 of f3DNPC_ComR404, which you can check by typing SQS f3DNPC_ComR404 in the console. Stage 500 is automatically set by the game when reaching 1000 affinity. I can also add a condition to check if you are on 1000 affinity. However, there is also a failsafe to stop endless forcegreets regardless.

    Best thing to do is send your save to so I can troubleshoot. Closing thread, as again, this belongs in the bug report/troubleshooting section.

    edit: console code to check stages is SQS, not SQV which shows current stage only, SQV f3DNPC_ComR404quest will tell you if you’re on stage 0 for that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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