Sylphiron doesn't acknowledge my character killing the cannibals – bug or not?

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    I was doing the Namira quest, or, to be exact, failing it on purpose( I always get it to the point where I lead Verulus to the crypt to get the cannibals together, then instead of killing Verulus, I turn on the cannibals and kill them all). The grateful Verulus proceeded to thank me and pay me, he went on ahead while I stayed behind to loot the feasting room. Then I proceeded to the exit, and that’s where I met Sylphiron, who, apparently, is an INPC character and another cannibal. She wasn’t hostile to me, and talked to me as if I chose to become a cannibal( which I obviously didn’t), talk about how it feels to be a cannibal etc etc. I wonder if she has any responses if you actually killed the cannibals? Is it a bug? Or was the variant where you kill the cannibals just not handled in the mod? Maybe she realises what I actually did once she sees the corpses of her friends? I’m not sure which of these ones it is exactly, just thought it might be useful to write about this on the forums in case it’s a bug or an overlook( since the comments on Nexus were closed, registered here). Also, I hope killing her( that’s what I did, because death to all cannibals) doesn’t break any quests…

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