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    Jeff Woodrow

    First off- teriffic mod! I didn’t know this existed until a month ago but when I saw it was produced by the makers of Skyrim’s Interesting NPCs I had to have it. I don’t think there’s a modder/modder team out there who makes companion mods as well as you. And spaeking of companions are there any plans to make Audrey romanceable? Call me crazy but I find her strangely sexy (especially when you get her out of that suit and into something like geneva’s outfit). Must be the voice (outstanding voice work btw). Were her dialogue lines and voice based on Katherine Hepburn by any chance? Keep up the good work guys!


    Kris Takahashi

    Thanks, and yeah, based on golden age starlets in general, but Kat Hepburn is undoubtedly the strongest influence, since she’s rather dignified, cool, and has an acid wit. Dorothy Parker and even Joan Didion might be some others that come to mind.

    No plans for a romance atm, there is a 1000 affinity conversation that will be in the next version, which should be released in a week or two. Also working on a DLC commentary patch as well.



    Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I got a kick out of your stickies in the comment section of the Nexus page, and I was dumbfounded by how many people scrolled through all of the stickies and still asked for help there. SMDH


    Ed Nemo

    I love this mod. Though I can’t give it a +1 on Nexus because I downloaded it here. Anyway, I just wanted to say great job!



    Hey Kris, I think maybe you should work for Bethesda because the voice acting, the facial expressions, and other assets are more natural and realistic than the ones from the actual vanilla game…

    But I have one question, is there any way, for the sake of having more choices, for me to kill the raiders but spare Spitball? I don’t know if Black Eye Bobby’s dialog was supposed to convince me that they are ok and I should help them, but it didn’t. Even after hearing him out, I wanted to just kill them all and just keep moving. Literally the only reason why I decided to just go along with it, is because I told Bobby I’ll think about it and I started to talk to the others. Bad-X I want to kill really badly, he’s always talking about how bad-ass he is. I’ll show him how bad-ass he is… But Spitball is like the cutest person in the entire wasteland, lol… So she literally saved the entire group… Is there any way for her to become a companion maybe in a future update so I can move her to one of my settlements, then go back to Belcher’s Cave and just slaughter them all?? I mean, Gran and Dutch seem ok, but Bobby definitely is pretty dangerous as he’s definitely a megalomaniac so he needs to be stopped in my opinion… :-P


    Kris Takahashi


    Best option might be to find a settler mod that lets you recruit any NPC, if something like that exists, although you still probably have to remove factions as well via the console.

    The gang’s faction xx0038b6 with xx being the load order of the mod

    So you’d click on her and then it’d be

    removefac xx0038b6 -1



    Ah, the remove faction command from console, didn’t think of that, thanks! Wonder if there’s any way to move her to another settlement, lol. I remember there were some people you run into in the commonwealth, like that armorer guy, that after your dialog you can actually move them to one of your settlements as a settler. Any way to assign that through console that you know of?



    So here’s what I tried, I removed her from the faction, then I tried spawning a crafting station in the cave. Then I used Addkeyword workshopallowcommand and Addkeyword workshopallowmove since the setpv ballowmove thing doesn’t work on non settlers. This allowed me to command her while in build mode and even allowed me to choose where to send her. Problem is, no matter what I chose, it’ll act as if it worked, but she’ll never really go there… So I started over, I tried to remove Bobby from the faction, then kill him, but it still caused everyone to turn hostile. So I then removed just spitball, Gran, and Dutch from the faction and began to kill everyone else starting with Bobby. Then ran into the problem of his brother Cain being “essential.” I tried removing his essential status with the console but it didn’t work. So starting over, removed Cain, Gran, Dutch, and Spitball from the faction, then killed everyone else. Now the cave only has those few characters and I think I’m alright with that… :-P

    Figure I post it here in case anyone else is tired of hearing Bad-X trying to talk tough talking about how he crushes people blah blah blah…


    Erik Malkavian

    Getting no voices with Tales from the Commonwealth V2.5, 2.4 or 2.3
    Things tried (All Manually installed) one at a time:
    1. Placed the (3) files in the Data Folder
    3DNPC_FO4 – Textures.ba2
    3DNPC_FO4 – Main.ba2

    2. Extracted the (2) ba2 using Bethesda Archive Extractor to the Data folder and selected “Overwrite” for the folders. Verified all of the voices were in the sound folder.

    3. Added the following line to Fallout4 pref.ini file
    bLoadLooseFiles = 1

    In all cases the only thing I get are the subtitles and the NPC gesturing but no words coming out there mouth. I have currently at the trailer park and I have fast travel to the Old Corner Bookstore and talked to Clarissa and the same result. Plus, in my dialogue with Clarissa, I don’t have sound with my lines.

    Any ideas how to solve this?


    Erik Malkavian

    Managed to get it sorted out by upgrading my game to the latest version and reinstalling it. This mod is dependent Kris on having at least the same version as it was created (Not sure which one) or higher for anyone that may have the same problem in the future.

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