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    I was impressed recently by the mod 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nicks. That author actually added new Nick and Nora dialogue to the game for the purposes of good interactions with his mods characters. That seemed to free up some limitations in terms of story telling flow. Can any of the voice actors on the 3DNPC roster do a reasonable Nick and Nora?

    Anyway, just a thought.


    Kris Takahashi

    Yeah, it would probably sound off next to the vanilla stuff, although granted, so does the actual voice actor for Nick when you take him to Far Harbor.

    Also, James Earl Jones in Rogue One. Sadly Darth sounds old and tired in that one.

    So it wouldn’t be impossible since people don’t mind the above examples. I once knew a voice actor who sounded a lot like the male protag (until SAG-AFTRA reprimanded me for having him work for free). But ultimately the difference would indeed be noticeable, and the complaints would fall down from heaven for sure and probably not worth it.



    I think the author of that mod did all the voices himself. There is one character that is a carbon copy of Audrey except for a shade darker hair. That similarity changed when that Audrey-like character sounded like a guy. He also spliced together existing dialogue into new sentences.

    Do you think SAG-AFTRA rags on charities when actors give free performances?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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