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    2 things:

    1) I love these mods so far and followed over after using Tales from the Wasteland and Atomic Radio on FO4 but I must say ‘Ties That Bind’ is a seriously confusing and misleading quest name, since I also had the mod Ties That Bind running and thought I was doing that one when this one came up. But on to more pressing matters…

    2) In Ties That Bind (this one), I just got done with the Canterbury Commons portion of the quest and pursued Alicia back to Springvale and the house we’re supposed to go in is BOARDED UP. I know there’s supposed to be an open-able door there after seeing it in a video walkthrough… Any ideas how to fix it? I’m guessing another mod is overwriting something and I tried reinstalling the files but am unsure what else to do.


    Chris Moran

    I’ve just run into the same problem… the door is marked on the local map but I see nothing but boards.

    [EDIT] I removed the boards with console commands, and there are a number of other seeming showstoppers that I needed to console my way around. The story itself was lovely, and in the end I wanted to punch the self-righteousness out of Gabriel, martyr complex or no. I do have a final question — after it is done and Audrey is a regular companion, where does she go if you dismiss her? I ask because in the quest itself her ‘drop off’ point changes at least once (in the first part she goes to Springvale, and in the second to Rivet City), and she doesn’t say where she is going in case you want to team with her again (her wit is wonderful, but alas it is something best appreciated in smaller doses for me).

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