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    Kris Takahashi

    having the wrong…. bits, facial features, etc, in itself is extremely distressing whether society accepts your identity or not.

    You know what, that’s a very good point. It doesn’t matter how much you’re loved and accepted, there’ll always be a part of you that never feels completely comfortable in your own skin, or worse, a feeling of being trapped inside it. So thank you for sharing that, I’m sorry if anything I said read as dismissive of that pain and turmoil.

    I feel like there’s some similarities to Zora there, in terms of the emotional toll her facial features cause her every time she looks in the mirror.

    And now that I think about it, even in an accepting society, conflict might be brought about externally as well. In FNV, the external conflicts are obvious and maybe that’s why it inspired me to write it. Velius was fun because he didn’t take any shit, he was an alpha male type who responded to his internal frustrations with anger and defiance. He was at his most vulnerable when his own people forced him to confront the contradictions and pain he tried so hard to deflect.

    But in a more loving society, the frustrations are different. Because you have people around you all the time who pretend to understand but they really don’t and they never will. And that lack of empathy must be frustrating in its own right. Again, there’s a bit of similarity to Joselyn and Zora’s relationship – just because people love each other doesn’t mean they can’t hurt each other too.



    You put what i was trying to get at in better words than i could! You didn’t seem dismissing at all, i’m used to people just…. not really realizing the whole of the situation, it’s not something that’s been heavily talked about in mainstream media, and i can tell that it’d be pretty hard to imagine, at least with such little reference as there is. I unfortunately don’t have fnv (or have ever really played any of the games in the series tbh, though i want to) so i can’t check it out really but yeah just being trans is a lot of material in itself.

    Edit: missed some bits of what you said in the original post, got too excited about a good response :P

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    I checked out the video and how you had him voiced by i think a cis woman (maybe, still a pretty feminine voice)? For future reference, testosterone is what changes men’s voices from little boy to adult, so taking it potentially makes your voice pretty damn masculine. I mean it does change your voice, but i say potentially because the degree of masculinity depends on the person. As an example, my boyfriend has a recognizably male voice but mine is even deeper than his now. (yes i’m gay as well)


    Kris Takahashi

    You put what i was trying to get at in better words than i could!

    I’m glad. I know I’ll never really, truly understand your pain, but hopefully I can try to empathize enough and learn enough to where I’m not a total ignoramus and can do such a story justice. Or at least better off than I was in 2014 when this thread began.

    And even then I still have blind spots, so it’s important to remind myself they exist and do my best to cover them.

    For future reference, testosterone is what changes men’s voices from little boy to adult, so taking it potentially makes your voice pretty damn masculine.

    See, I didn’t know that. I’ll keep that in mind for the future. It would help sell the character for Velius to have a more masculine voice then, especially to match his personality, but hopefully it’s not impossible or insulting for him to have the voice he has – especially since real life voices come in all types.

    Edit: Also scribbled up a potential dialogue for a trans mage – beginning, middle affinity, and before quest ending, so spoilerrific. But we’re in a Fallout cycle so I don’t know if I got the speech patterns right. As I mentioned I haven’t played Skyrim in years. But once we get back on a TES cycle I’ll be able to play the game and pad it properly to fit it to TES. Like with Fallout 4 I plan on doing the writing stuff before TESVI is announced, and the bigger the head start, the more in depth the character will be.


    Manga Bottle

    I don’t play Fallout, so I haven’t been able to experience that particular mod, Kris, but yeah, it would be cool to have something like that in an Elder Scrolls game. If that is something you do undertake in future, I’d have to recommend taking Duncan’s offer to help with writing such a character.



    Kris, it isn’t offensive at all for him to have that voice, considering not all transmen (or transwomen) actually go through transition for one, and like i said, the effect of t (testosterone) depends with the person, you could end up with a full beard but still a feminine voice, etc. Oh and estrogen doesn’t change voices, hence why a lot of transgirls unfortunately can be stuck with pretty male sounding voices… There is voice training which is how i managed to get my voice as far as it is as well.

    I like what you’ve written there, it sounds excellent! Can’t really think of much that seems off right now…. Though, personally the discomfort in my own skin… and i think this is kind of common, it kind of feels like you need to tear it off or something. But the suffocating in his/her skin sounds accurate too. Also the risk being taken with a dangerous spell, especially considering the entire process of transition even here is under researched and can be potentially very dangerous, especially the surgeries where complete sensation loss is a big and likely (to an unfortunate degree) chance of a complication.

    Like i said, i don’t write but i am good at ideas, i daydream constantly, just cant put them in words!


    Kris Takahashi

    I’m considering putting this in Skyrim. Reasons:

    1. I’ve solved the Olivia conundrum of “More Mages looking for tomes” by changing the initial location and introduction

    2. I feel like waiting for TESVI is a gamble. There will be a much larger audience, yes, and better graphics and gameplay, but I also feel like there will be transgender characters in that game already, where there are none in Skyrim.

    In fact, there is a non-zero chance that the same story will already be in the game, and I’m not sure I want to take the risk of Bethesda or another popular game developer getting to tell their version first.

    3. Skyrim remastered is a convenient excuse for players to jump back in

    4. I’m impatient


    Kris Takahashi

    All right, finally got this cast, great work by spacefiddle and PotasticPanda

    Will release soon with version 3.4 of Interesting NPCs



    Is there any chance you’d possibly add even more NPCs and content to the mod? I have an idea about NPCs and a quest, not sure if you’d like it, but here’s the idea:

    A super follower: Elinora – a Breton mage who loves horror stories (I also have an idea for a quest with her, revolving around vampires, but it’s not too advanced) and adventuring.

    Quest – I’d probably have to work a bit more on the story, but the idea is that there’d be a girl who is suffering from dissociative identity disorder (I’m not sure it’s the correct term in English – it’s not my first language) – there’d be an alter ego, her “sister”. The quest would revolve around this issue. (Maybe it wouldn’t be a real mental disorder, but rather some kind of a spell, a curse… I have two ideas at this point.)

    I know you haven’t touched the mod for a while, but if you think it could be good, I can try to write it.

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