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    Daniel Ragnå

    I love the voice work, and I love doing it, but I’ve never actually helped with it in terms of gaming, or mods. For the upcoming Padadise Bay, I’d love to help in some way. I can do a decent ghoul and super mutant impression, or several of either one. Plus normal humans, robots too if I do it right.

    And before anyone even begins to think of it, even if you don’t need my help or want it, I do not require any form of payment in any sense, aside from being credited for my work if I do get to work with you guys.

    In any case, you can reach me here on the forums, and on Skype and Steam, just go by my name here – DanRage47.


    Kris Takahashi

    There’s a casting call link on the blog header. Slim pickings at the moment though, as I’m wrapping up most of the quests I had planned from last year.

    Once those are all done I’ll be making more though. You can subscribe to the page, but fair warning, you get an email if I so much as look at the page.


    Daniel Ragnå

    Got it. If I can’t find a voice or voices free for me to voice, I’ll just make my own little script and babble it and toss it over. Might do some advertize thing for Atomic Radio. Gonna dig around the game for something that could’ve been neatly advertized. I’ll just go nuts at it. Thanks for replying in any case!

    AMAZING WORK! ….You sure you didn’t find the blasted radio ads in the game files? I keep mistaking them for MAIN GAME RESOURCES instead of a mod! It is THAT good!

    I especially love… AHEM! *clears throat* GROGGNAKK THE BARBARIAN! He sounds like Arnold Swartznegger something excessively!

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    Kris Takahashi

    Thanks, glad it fits. I never had much interest in making a radio mod the way most people do it, which is download internet content for the radio and just add an original DJ.

    Which isn’t a knock on those mods, because having a ton of extra content is great, and there’s plenty of historical, real life content to make it worthwhile. In fact, you could easily make grand scale mods in this vain, because you can download stuff much faster than myself and the actors can handcraft it.

    But making something like that just feels like work and not at all fulfilling from an artistic standpoint. What’s fun for me is crafting my own stuff, and I think Atomic Radio is unique in that regard, I’d bet it’s the only station that provides hours of original programming that directly references lore instead of just being friendly to it.

    After all, it took an entire year of almost non-stop work to make.

    And yeah, James does a great Arnold impression. If there weren’t 20,000 lines, I’d recommend he do a Grognak player voice mod, that would be incredible.


    Daniel Ragnå

    Incredible… ahem… *turns into Arnold/Grognak for a few lines*
    “Eet vould be so ohsome the pleyer vould nat be abel to play witaout folling off the tchear laffing to deff!”

    Making is far better than downloading stuff and just squishing it all together. Freaking A!
    Gonna start testing my voices about this sunday, nobody home but dad then, and he sleeps in the other end of the villa. My super mutant voice scares my brothers a bit. Will message you later!


    kyle zacaria

    I am eyeing this site http://smartleesecreative.com/events/ for their event workshop, they told me that they are also teaching voice acting lessons which perfectly needed for videos, announcers, games and other voice over casting.

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