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    Kees Konings

    A couple of years ago I picked the dibella girl follower which was awesome and she was the only follower I used. Now in my replay in SE I took Zora and she keeps amazing me how well she is aware of where I am and what quest I’m doing (even sidequests). Her remarks are spot on, just awesome. Today I tried the Recorder (another mod) follower but after one hour I went running back to Zora to apologize for me leaving her and was glad she was willing to follow me again.

    What NPC from Interesting NPCs is as aware of my quest and where I am like Zora is?

    Well done creating this ‘my favourite’ mod and thanks to all voice acters as well,

    Edited: It’s the small things that keep me having Zora as a follower. Entering Rorickstead for the first time (she even started singing) or when giving her a Ebony Greatsword and her actually saying something about that. Still so much enjoying this.



    She’s honestly the best female NPC in any game I’ve ever played. I really hope we see more of here on SE…



    There is even a playthrough series on Youtube by AVStoryteller that features Zora Fair-Child together with Inigo.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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