Interesting NPCs 3.31 BSA Version

skjel by siempre

Interesting NPCs v3.31 BSA Version

Alternate Loose Files Version (if having issues with the BSA)

This is for the old version of Skyrim. It’s a BSA packed version of 3.31. I also saw some people mention having issues with Children Fair, not sure if that was introduced in the last version, but I couldn’t replicate the problem.

I did add some extra failsafes though, just in case. Also keep in mind this is a BSA, so any loose files you have will override it. Not that it matters since it’s the same mod, but if you want a cleaner Data folder, this will help.

Still haven’t cast an actor for the new quest, but I’ve more or less built it into the mod. Just needs voicing. There’s a small cave – Frost Peak Cave – added to Eastmarch for the quest, but entering it shouldn’t trigger anything so I left it rather than disable the entrance.

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.30:

  • Fixed innkeeper scenes with followers

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.20: