Province Bay

Radio message

Come stay at the Province Bay Hotel, the most luxurious 4-star hotel in all of Boston!

Need a late night snack? Our fully trained wait staff is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Whether you’re here for the historical landmarks or sprawling nightlife, our concierges will help you find the entertainment experience you desire!

If you need more information on how to book your trip to Province Bay, visit our travel agency in Salem today!

Salem (or Wherever) Dock, Small Interior Travel Office with posters for Province Bay

walk in, ring a bell on the counter, sassy lady comes out

Yeah, yeah, keep your pants on.

All right, if you’re headed to Province Bay, ferry comes in the morning.
Which morning, hell if I know. Might be tomorrow, might be next week. Them’s the breaks.
But if you want, you can sleep on that cot. Don’t worry, I’ll wake you, swear on my lunch. 

Either take a seat, or take a hike. Like I said, I’ll tell you when you can open them peepers.

(if you sleep on the cot, you wake up and get your ass kicked, and then in the boat tied up next to Silver, who’s come back to the island to reclaim his treasure, secretly the Pirate King who ruled the island prior to the faction split)

wake up in a blur

What about this one?

No, too old. Plus you can tell he’s a psycho addict by the needle marks in her arm.

All right, what about this one? 

A little on the scrawny side, but he’ll do.

And her?/And him?

Hmmm…Jack will like this one for sure. Even got all her teeth/Even got all his teeth.

Seems like he’s waking up./Seems like she’s waking up.

Hahaha, poor little scav has no idea what he’s in for. /poor little scav has no idea what she’s in for.

get knocked out, yada yada

if player returns from Province Bay

So you’re back, huh. Well, whoop-dee-whoop.

Province Bay not what you thought? You want file a complaint? Go ahead. I just work here.

You want on the next ferry? Then shut up and get on the damn cot.

Good ferryman

Listen, if you don’t want to wait for the ferry, I can take you to Province Bay tonight, for a small fee.
How does a 1000 caps sound? Beats waiting, that’s for sure.

Sorry, not interested.
Suit yourself. Just saying, last guy who waited for the ferry to arrive damn near starved to death.
You ride with me, we leave A-S-A-P. Hell, I’ll even throw in a box of cram to keep your stomach from grumbling.

I’ll think about it.
(repeat above)

(About Province Bay) What is this place?
Province Bay? You got ears don’t you? Just listen to the radio. Worth every cap if you ask me.

You’ve got a deal.
Good. I’d shake on it, but unlike you, I know where my hands have been. Follow me.

To be honest, I didn’t think you’d pay. You’re either stinking rich, pretty damn lucky, or both.
See, Province Bay? It’s a fucking scam. You take that ferry and you end up on the ass end of the island without so much as a tissue to wipe it.
Now I don’t know if you’ve heard the legends of the ol’ Pirate King and his buried cache.

But if I were you, I wouldn’t step more than five feet outside of town without a dozen fat men and a medic.
Especially seeing as you’re the type of high rolling motherfucker who pays 1000 caps for a boat. I reckon a guy like that probably doesn’t fight his own battles. /I reckon a gal like that doesn’t fight her own battles.
But hey, that’s none of my business.

All right, here we are. Any last words? Ha, I’m just fucking with you, I don’t care if you die. After all, I already got your caps! But if you need a ride back to town, just put the money in the bucket.

Like I said, let your money do the talking. The bucket knows all, sees all. Mostly, it sees you back in the Commonwealth.

If take the “Evil” route

You looking for a ride back to the Commonwealth? I’ll take you, for a 1000 caps. Just put the money in the bucket and we’ll be on our way.

Good Town, two men arguing on the pier, NAMES ARE JUST PLACEHOLDERS, TANKERS/SILVER/ETC

Ben, have you seen Zoe? 

Saw her heading off this morning toward the church, why?

Damn girl was supposed to help me unload that schooner. 

Well, seems like you’ve got a problem then, don’t it?

I swear to god, if the lurks and the Tankers don’t kill her, I will.

You keep saying that, but then you keep taking her back.

What about you, think you might help me with some of those crates?

Fuck off Sam.


My friend Sam here is all heart. No brain, and no cock, but he’s definitely got a soft spot for that girl.

You new here? Could’ve fooled me.

If you see Zoe, tell her she’s fired.

Damn girl probably ran off to the church. Thinks that’s where Old Man Silver buried his map.

You wanna know more about the island, head over to the Rusty Nail. Bartender, the ghoul, been here since the bombs fell, or so he says.

The Rusty Nail (A local dive – With a lot of interiors, might be best if it’s repurposed the way the subway is in Goodneighbor or the Dugout Inn in Diamond City, but the locale seems fairly vanilla so dunno)

outside or inside the tavern, two old men argue

I seenit! Sure as shit, it was Old Man Silver, comin’ out the fog to reclaim his treasure!

Silver’s dead, you overgrown radroach! I should know, I killed him with my bare hands! And if his ghost ever comes back, I’ll kill him too!

You ain’t killed nuthin! You couldn’t hurt a fly if it flew up the barrel of your gun!

I’ll kill you, if you keep talkin’ that mess!


Be on the lookout for Old Man Silver.

Silver was king of this island. Made a lot of caps. But folks got greedy. You know how people is.

I seen his ghost. Seen it plain as the scuff on my shoe.

Don’t listen to Vernon. He got cursed with that stupid gene. And he’s ugly too.

I’m too old to go out raiding. But that don’t mean I can’t kick your behind, if you get lippy.

enter the bar


Well, you look a little lost, mate. Don’t worry, Vinnie will set you straight. Here, have a drink.

(Companion) I’d stay away from that crap if I were you. Place is called the Rusty Nail for a reason. Mostly because everything tastes like one.

Come on, Zoe, don’t be a buzzkill. Live a little.

(Companion 2) Make that two. Or three. On third thought, make it zero. Three point zero.

Sure, drinks for everyone.

Now, what can I do for you? Consider me your information guide to this fine, four star resort.

What’s the story with this place?
The island may look like any other port, but buildings don’t make the rules. People do.
If you wanna stay, you’re gonna have to find work. And if you wanna work, well, you’ll find most jobs require a little dirt under your fingernails.

(Dirt?) What do you mean by that?
What I mean is, you’re gonna have to rob a little, kill a little, and maybe do a few things that’ll make a raider blush.
And if that doesn’t sit with you, you might wanna put on your swimsuit and doggy paddle all the way back to the Commonwealth.
See, the people in charge of this little island? They’re pirates. They sack boats. They go on raids. They do whatever they can to make a cap. And this is the nice part of town.
Up north, heheh, those blokes are bloody crazy. It’s their fault we’re at war.

Yeah. A civil war, if you want to be exact.
See before, we used to be all part of the same team, back when Silver was running things.
But one day the Tankers found a vault full of these souped up synthetics, like this new age rust devil shite.
Made ’em strong. Real strong. But it also made them batshit loony.
Ended up getting too strong and too crazy for their own good. Their leader, Calico Jack, staged a coup, killed Silver, and boom, we got ourselves a war.
Silver though, he was smart. Turned most of our resources into a single stash of loot. Then he hid the cache away.
Both sides have been looking for it ever since.

I’d like to rent a room.
You’re gonna need more caps.
Sure. Find an open bed, drop anchor. You got it till morning.

So what do you do here?
I’m just an old sea dog with a bum hip and two bad knees.
But it doesn’t matter if we’re in Province Bay or the middle of the Sahara, everyone needs a place to drink.
My job is to provide it.

What can I do for you?
Need a drink?
Bar’s open day and night.

Robot Enthusiast

Oh! You there! Can you grab that power relay?!

Please! Hurry!

Oh thank god. Another second there and this whole place would’ve collapsed into itself. I think.

(secondary) You’re back. You were pretty helpful the last time.

What’s going on here?
Well, Sam’s always complaining about not having enough men, so I thought I’d build him some. You’ve met Sam, haven’t you?
Eh, doesn’t matter. The important thing is, you know what a power relay is. That makes you useful.

I’m glad I got here in time.
This entire town should be glad. Not that they’d understand. They don’t realize my machines are here to help them.
But you seem different. For one, you know what a power relay is.

You’re lucky I was here to save your ass.
So you understand then! Why my *ahem* posterior needed saving.
Not every day you meet a pirate that knows the difference between a power relay and a socket wrench.
In fact, this is the first day.

I don’t have time for this.
Well, that’s rude.

Anything I can do to help?
(if companion not recruited)
As much as I’d like to, you’re still an outsider. Maybe if you had someone with you from the island.

Well, I’ve been arguing with the others for some time that we need to set up more outposts on the wrecks off shore.
They always tell me those wrecks are impossible to salvage, and I agree. They are impossible. For humans.
But first we need to clear the area of any hostiles. Borg here isn’t built for combat. I trust that won’t be a problem?

quest is to empty out location, but there’s a family living inside, and you have to choose.

note: for evil side, a quest to hack these defenses and turn them against the good faction so they abandon 


The war with the Tankers is really a resources problem. You can solve it by finding more resources, or limiting your consumption.

There’s a lot of caves round the island, and a lot of sunken ships. We need machines to retrieve those hauls, not men.



Good faction: Turn on lighthouse beacon to get ships to come in, sack ship.

Evil faction: Hijack lighthouse light to direct ships to evil shore.



Blues bar

Slave auction (evil faction)

Arena (evil faction?)