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Anonymous Staff asked 11 months ago

In that quest, and after the talk with Na’ir’s client, then Na’ir to establish the plan ; Griffith went outside, worried for Morrigan.
The quest marker tells i need to speak to him. I do and i have 3 choices of dialog.
Whatever answer i choose, the conversation is terminated and Griffith keep staying in front of the inn, arms crossed, quest marker over his head. If i try to speak to him again, i got “this NPC is busy”, even if i wait 1, 2 or 24 hours…
Any idea ?
I can continue the quest using the console “setstage djgquest 100” and the new quest “as you like it” starts well ; but i wonder what i did wrong or if there is a bug ?
thanks for the help,

2 Answers
Kris Takahashi Staff answered 11 months ago

For this scene, Griffith leans over the railing before talking further, then forcegreets.
Is the railing occupied? I believe it should be “owned” by him, but I can’t remember. Maybe something or someone is disrupting his path to get there, like the tavern wench?
The fact that he’s “Busy” indicates the scene is waiting for this part of the AI package to complete.

Miliane Staff answered 8 months ago

Another bug about that quest: at least in my case, when I walk to Falkreath after talking to Na\’ir for the first time (in the quest Altmeri prisoner), Griffith automatically teleports to the Mill. I have to use the console to get him to Falkreath so that the quest can move on. Any idea what causes this?