Can't start Vote of Confidence quest – XBONE

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Brian Mckay asked 1 month ago

Hi Kris,
Just want to say, I love TFTC (especially with Atomic Radio). It has breathed so much life back into this game, and the stories, writing, and acting are all top-shelf. Anyway, have already finished most of the quests without any issues, but for some reason I can’t get Birdie to initiate his quest. Have reached full affinity with him (got “Bird spotter” perk), have reached full affinity/romanced Piper and done the public occurrences interview (way early in the game, am currently at 43+ days of play time). Have taken him to meet Piper, have taken him by Niah’s shop, have even used Cheat Terminal mod to try and unlock next companion dialogue, which seemed to work, but still can’t get him to start this quest.
One thought I had – does Piper still need to be in Diamond City at Public Occurrences for this to work? She is currently camped out at the Nuka World Red Rocket. Thanks in advance for any advice you could provide.

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Brian Mckay answered 4 weeks ago

Nevermind, finally got it to initialize! Went off and paired up with Audrey and R4-04 and did their quests (under the bridge, alternative medicine, memory loss, etc) then came back and hit the road again with Birdie and he initiated it about 10 minutes later. Guess it was just stuck before for some reason (and we all know that never happens in heavily modded versions of Fallout, or the Vanilla game for that matter! ;-)