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Kardithron asked 6 months ago

Hello! I have a very specific problem regarding the transition between Darkened Steel and Daedra in the Dark quests.
I just got out of Wanderer’s Rest. Talked to Soren, got his dagger and went to Solitude with Tikrid. I talked to Gancielo, heard about my excellent timing, told him about Lorne‘s death and received payment for a dagger. Darkened Steel is finished. I got a journal prompt and checked the stage of 3dmcue in console (it’s 320).

I told him, that I’d like to talk about the Nightblades. There are only two dialogue options, as seen on the screenshot below:

I’m not able to ask him about Lorne’s notes, therefore I’m not able to make any progress in Daedra in the Dark.
I tried to wait for several hours and ask him again. I also tried to keep the dagger. None of these worked. What could be the reason of the issue?
It seems that the only thing I can do at the moment is to manually set stage of Daedra in the Dark to 20: SetStage 3dmcue2 20. I tried this out and it successfully triggers the journal prompt, although I’m not sure about possible side effects (because of scripts etc.). Is it safe to use in this case?
On the screenshot below you can see Gancielo’s related objects I have in game (three dots look suspiciously like Lorne related dialogue option which is unavailable for some odd reason) and stages of both quests.

Any responses on the matter will be appreciated.

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Kardithron answered 6 months ago

I decided to take a risk and change the stage from 10 to 20. I finished Daedra in the Dark and started Cat and Mouse without any problems whatsoever.
I’m still curious about the reason of this issue though.

Kris Takahashi Staff answered 5 months ago

In the second image in your picture, notice there’s a down arrow. That means you can scroll down to show more replies. There are 5 replies for this conversation string, and your image is only showing 2, possibly because you’re using a mod that zooms in? His face seems fairly larger than normal. But yeah, see arrow I circled below.

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I haven’t played Skyrim in a while, I forget if it’s PgDN or if you use the mouse wheel, but the mod has so many replies, if you weren’t aware of the arrow, there’s a likelihood you’re going to miss a lot of potential queries. Since these queries aren’t conditioned to anything, scrolling down should reveal the relevant text.

Kardithron answered 5 months ago

I wasn’t aware of the arrow, but I always use mouse scroll wheel to check all of possible dialogue options.
I reloaded my backup save to check it out once again and it appears that scroll wheel did not reveal all of replies. This time I tried downarrow key instead and found a third dialogue option. :|
It’s weird. I just did a quick testing with 5 different INPCs and I was scrolling through 4-6 different dialogue options with mouse wheel without any problems. Possibly it’s just Gancielo dialogue menu being slightly bugged. At least in my game.
There are 4th and 5th dialogue options, but they appear invisible until chosen. I hosted recording here:

Never had anything like this with other INPCs.
As for the mod: I’m using “Face to face conversation”. It dynamically changes FOV depending on whether I’m in conversation or not. It does not affect dialogue menu (just tested it with Gancielo, to be sure).
Thank you for answer!