How to use the FAQ section

FAQHow to use the FAQ section
Kris Takahashi Staff asked 4 years ago

The Q&A plugin has a number of features. You can search previous user questions, as well as answer and discuss issues with other users. For instance, if you want to be helpful, the colored filter options allow you to check for unresolved or unanswered questions and respond accordingly.

To ask a question, simply click on the Q&A in the top right corner or the ASK A QUESTION button in the FAQ section. Select a category and submit. If you want to ask a private question, like the size of my penis, then check the box at the bottom.

You must be a subscriber to ask, unfortunately. Which is asinine, but the plugin won’t allow anonymous questions. It does allow you to respond anonymously.

Search by Keywords not Phrases
The plugin searches by keywords as opposed to specific phrasing. If you look at the following image, you’ll notice that entering the word “robber” immediately pulls up a pertinent question.



However, typing the full phrase “How do I get into Robber’s Refuge”  does not. If nothing comes up under a full question, try a handful of smaller keywords.


Even though the term “Robber” is used here, the additional words seem to fool the system. Generally it appears limiting your search to key phrases is the best way to use the search. Ultimately though, it never hurts to just ask the question like it’s never been asked before.


Lastly,  you’re still having trouble, a detailed FAQ by nonoodles regarding common issues as well as a full installation guide can be found here.