Missing voice lines and small case of grey face

FAQCategory: Bug ReportsMissing voice lines and small case of grey face
Tenno asked 3 months ago

During a playthrough, I noticed a bunch of bugs.

  • When Darcy is reciting the poem “A Warrior’s Charge”, He only says the first line that goes like “A poem of the Redguard, A Warrior’s Charge” and then leaves as if the poem is done.
  • When Effram is announcing the song that the Songtress is going to play, he is missing his audio files. I tried this with a couple of songs already.
  • When trying to report Marla for killing her husband in the Milkdrinker quest, the tag for the guard didn’t appear, so I had to search up the solutions to find the guard from past questions here. But when I used console command to bring up the guard, it appears he has a case of greyface (this was the Imperial guard) 
  • The same quest when the guard is arresting Marla, Marla is missing her audio files when being arrested.