Niah Vanished?

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Profile photo of Donald WilliamsDonald Williams asked 4 weeks ago

I got the request from Bidie to visit Niah and started the \”Vote of Confidence\” quest, hilarious dialogue and lots of fun. I did reach the end of the quest, and after both a successful and unsuccessful vote I was able to speak to Birdie and the quest completed. Even though he didn\’t mention Niah I went back to her store and she was nowhere to be found. Searching here I found what looked like some post quest dialogue involving her (Birdie\’s gun fixing and the new gun). I tried reloading earlier saves before the quest end and she still wasn\’t present. She did appear and start the quest after I reloaded the save immediately after Birdie wanting to visit his friend Niah. As far as details I\’m using a Win10 PC, my mods are the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, CBBE, and the Unlimited Companions Framework. The 3 quest mods loaded are Atomic Radio, DLC Commentary Patch for TLTC, and Tales itself, all are version 2.4. I have completed most of the other quests without problems (love them all) on this and another computer. While I do have the Unlimited Companion mod installed I did only had Birdie for this quest. Many thanks again for this truly wunderful mod, Don Williams

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Profile photo of Kris TakahashiKris Takahashi Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Have you tried teleporting yourself to her?

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might be dead

Profile photo of Donald WilliamsDonald Williams answered 7 days ago

Thanks, your tip worked although a bit oddly. I was teleported inside the Washington Retirement Center, the election seemed just over (the quest had completed quite a bit earlier).  Niah showed up and gave the Birdie “fixed” dialogue along with giving me a scoped Gauss Rifle.
I then opened earlier saves during both successful and unsuccessful elections, I couldn’t find Niah anywhere in the building. 
At present she seems to be staying in the WRC, the first time I visited she initiated the dialogue again and gave me another Gauss Rifle, that hasn’t happened on subsequent visits. She stays in the election room and does both barter and sell advice. 
Thanks again for the fun and funny mod,

Profile photo of Kris TakahashiKris Takahashi Staff answered 6 days ago

Thanks, it appears there’s an erroneous AI package given to her. I’ll remove it so she properly stays at that shop. 

Profile photo of Donald WilliamsDonald Williams answered 4 days ago

Thank you again for the wonderful mod, if by chance you feel  like creating a “Commonwealth Survival Guide” quest with Niah I would certainly enjoy it.