Tftc:Vote of confidence quest piper help birdie bug

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CSix asked 3 months ago

I am stuck on stage 70. I spoke to the voters and birdie said maybe piper can help me (I’m not sure if an objective is meant to activate for this but it didn’t for me) so I go to piper and the conversation starts and gets up to..
¬†Okay, question for you. What’s life like out here these days, given all the maneuvering and conflicts among the forces out here in the commonwealth.
Then nothing, birdie and piper just stare at me like I’m meant to say some thing but nothing comes up.
(I am using full dialogue interface)

2 Answers
Kris Takahashi Staff answered 3 months ago

Sounds like the scene is stuck because Piper can’t “sit down” in her Notepad Animation Chair. Watch the video, see how she pulls out the notepad? That’s actually an invisible chair I placed in the cell. Once she “sits down” the scene continues and functions normally.
It’s possible another mod edits the cell and thus removes the chair. Try moving 3DNPC_FO4.esp to the bottom of your load order.
Also make sure you’re in Publick Occurrences. If you’re not in the cell, she can’t get to the chair either.

Kris Takahashi Staff answered 3 months ago

I can also remove the notepad chair requirement in future versions. So if she’s having issues sitting down, she’ll still continue the scene.