FAQCategory: Troubleshootingtikrid-wont-stop-following-after-face-of-the-ghost
Aaa asked 2 weeks ago
2 Answers
Kris Takahashi Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Probably easier if you just send me your save, kristakahashi@gmail.com
I’d need to check what mechanism she’s using to follow you before figuring out why.
In other words, is she following via a quest AI package or through the follower system, or your custom follower system. The first 2 I can account for, the latter I can’t. Typically quest AI packages are set to stop when the quest ends, either via the quest being stopped or the AI package conditioned to stop.

Aaa answered 2 weeks ago

 i can choose follow and dismiss options, but they don\’t have any effect. so she follows whether or not she\’s hired, so i would guess the quest package though i\’m not familiar with these things