Vote of Confidence not activating PC

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Justin asked 5 months ago

I’ve brought Birdie to Niah’s shop but he does not interact with her at all and as far as I know I have his affinity up high enough, he’s romanced too so. On top of that I don’t know if it’d be an issue considering I only recently got the DLC and upgraded the TFTC to the latest version with the commentary. Would having the affinity be up before this cause it or am I doing something wrong?

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Kris Takahashi Staff answered 5 months ago

Have you recruited Piper or done the interview with her? It’s a prerequisite.
Next, check your affinity with Birdie by clicking on him in the console, then typing getav CA_affinity. It has to be over 500
If you’re overĀ 500 and you’ve met Piper, Birdie will say “Hey, you mind taking me over to Niah’s shop? It’s just outside Diamond City. I think my gun needs a tune up.”
This sets the quest f3DNPC_Niah to stage 1. You can type SQV f3DNPC_Niah in the console to check your current stage. Also after you type SQV f3dnpc_niah, make sure the aliases for both Birdie and Niah are filled with their ref IDs, otherwise the quest won’t function because it won’t know which NPC goes by thoseĀ names.
Once the stage is at 1, clicking on Niah will automatically initiate a scene between the two, provided he’s within 2048 units of her, which is a pretty healthy radius but obviously won’t work if he’s in another cell. See video:

Lastly, if you’re getting the dialogue from Birdie to go see Niah, but not the objective, try downloading the mod again, there was a version up for about an hour that didn’t have the script to set the objective, but if you downloaded that should be correct.