Quantum Gravity

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Version  0.03
Quest Giver Scribe Hammond – National Science and Technology Archives
Locations National Science and Technology Archives, Bethesda Ruins, Safehouse
Enemy Level N/A Class N/A
Quest ID 3dnpcscribesquest Editor ID xx000ea6
NPCs Scribe Hammond – Ash Eluned
Doctor Covington – Daniel Hodge
Knight Casilla – Jessica Osborne
Scribe Jones – J.T. Decker
Butch – J.T. Decker
Canary Sam – Joshua Brayton
Junkie – Joshua Brayton
Eightball – Kelly Camelio
Carver – John Crosthwaite
Guard – Mariah “Thefloorhugger” Belle
RefID/BaseID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
Reward Laser Rifle, 200 XP



Stage Information
10 Get quest from Hammond, holotapes enabled
20/30/40/50 Each of the 4 holotapes listened to, Tolstoy book enabled
60 Book found, radio frequency retrieved
70 Radio frequency listened to, safehouse door and junkies enabled
80 Safehouse reached, radio disabled
90 Butch forcegreets
100 Eightball forcegreets
110 Spider asks player to help her build a bomb
120 Eightball convinced to let player see doctor
125 If stage ticked, Butch will accompany player
130 Player threatens Eightball, gang turns hostile
150 Player gets key from playground swing
150 Player retrieves concrete block
160 Player speaks to Doctor Covington
161 Player and Covington agree to give Eightball fake bottle of Quantum
162 Fake quantum given to Eightball
165 Butch notices journal, attacks Covington
25 Butch is killed
170 Objective to return to Scribe Hammond
171-180 Player agrees to kill mercs for Doctor Covington
190 Journal is stolen, Doctor Covington forcegreets
195 Objective to return to Scribe Hammond
199 Objective to return to Scribe Hammond completed
200 Quest complete