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Version  0.03
Quest Giver SpiderSeward Square Electronics Store [3DNPC89] East of the Broadway Cinema
Locations Seward Square, Andale, Jocko and Pop’s, Washington Monument
Enemy Level N/A Class N/A
Quest ID x3dnpcARANASquest Editor ID xx000FA3
NPCs Spider – Myhairisramen
Ghoul Haskins – J.T. Decker
Paladin – J.T. Decker
Greg Haskins – Will Handford
Doctor – John Crosthwaite
Boy – Myhairisramen
RefID/BaseID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
Reward Holotape Series – It Came From the Vault!


Stage Information
0 Find Spider inside Seward Square
40 Quest started, holotape enabled in Andale
50 Holotape listened to, objective to talk to Spider
60 Spider suggests player find Haskins
80 Haskins identified, scene with Spider starts
90 Haskins forcegreets player
100 Spider suggests she and the player speak outside
110 Spider asks player to help her build a bomb
120 Player delivers items, BoS member enabled, Teddy Bomb received
115 BoS player convinced to leave
130 Teddy Bomb placed and Spider’s message prompted
140 Bomb blows up, rubble and concrete block enabled
150 Player retrieves concrete block
160 Player speaks to Spider, receives objective to return to Haskins
170 Player speaks to Haskins
180 Player speaks to Spider
200 Quest complete