The Clara Bella

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Version Alpha v0.01
Locations Clara Bella Hotel [3DNPC88]
Prerequisites None
Related Quests None
Enemy Level N/A Class N/A
Quest ID x3DNPCClara Editor ID xx000F4F
NPCs Viviette – Jessica Osborne
Charles – James McLauchlan
RefID/BaseID Full List of Form IDs – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
Reward Access to brothel services


– Some voice assets used from FNV
– Prostitute animations are from Umpa Animation

THE CLARA BELLA [x3dnpcClara]
Stage Information
0 Key to suite is obtained via dialogue with Viviette
15 Sets stage to 20, used as a condition to determine whether Charles was refunded or persuaded
20 Charles exits the Clara Bella