Vault 101 Questline

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VAULT 101 Questline
VERSION  0.05 Alpha
QUEST GIVER Dempster – Brass Lantern
LOCATIONS Vault 101, Brass Lantern, Temple of the Union, Canterbury Commons, Springvale, Rivet City, Jury Street Metro
QUEST ID x3dnpcmq01
FORM ID xx000eca
NPCS AudreyNatalie Proudlock
Alicia – myhairisramen
Mike – Elko
Hank – Chase Young
Maury – Noi Sek
Tzen – Will Handford
Guard – Jessica Osborne
Chinese Propaganda Radio – Jessica Osborne
Jackson – Barry Coleman
Miss HandyAlice Bell
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order

– While four quest IDs are used, this is a three part questline
– The mod is recommended for use at game start due to NPCs met during the player’s time in Vault 101
– The quest can be started by speaking to Jackson or Dempster. Dempster will simply point the player to Jackson to make starting the quest simpler.
– While at times killing Free Men reduces Karma, this is not an intended consequence since the alignment of the LvlWastelander they use as a template is neutral. Although attempts will be made to change it in the future, at the moment Audrey will simply make mention of the potential karma loss of killing former slaves.

The Ties that Bind [x3dnpcmq01]
0 Dempster tells player to look for vault dweller near Temple of the Union
20 Jackson tells player to investigate mansion adjacent to Dukov’s Place
15  Corpse found in Abandoned mansion
30 Audrey enabled
40 Audrey suggests investigating Canterbury commons, Maury enabled
50 Alicia found in Springvale
51-55 Free Men eliminated
70 Objective to interrogate Hank
95 Hank beaten until confession received
100 Hank convinced to spill beans
110 Hank reveals what he knows
120 Audrey spoken to outside, Hank disabled
200 Quest complete
255 Hank killed during interrogation, quest failed
Supplemental Quest Stages [x3dnpcmq01b]
10 Maury and Joe Porter argue
20 Garage door enabled
30 Garage entered, Audrey speaks
40 Audrey speaks about corpse
100 Alicia’s Springvale home now accessible, Maury turned non-essential
The Free and The Pure [x3dnpcmq02]
10 Rivet City Guard enabled
20 Tzen and Guard argue
30 Guard departs
40 Audrey and Tzen converse
50 Zen takes walk and speaks to player
60 Objective to find chem addict at noon is given
70 Three suspects enabled, guard disabled, Audrey dismissed
80 Chem suspect talks to Cindi Cantelli, key added to his inventory
90 Key obtained, objective to meet with Audrey
100 Combat scream shouted by Free Men
110 Combat started with Free Men
140 Jackson and Audrey converse
150 Audrey speaks to Jackson
160 Audrey forcegreets player
200 Quest complete
The Value of a Man [x3dnpcmq03]
10 Objective to enter factory received
30 Factory reached, Audrey speaks and forcegreets player, to prevent player from breaking this the doorway is blocked until after Audrey is spoken to
40 Audrey spoken to,  collision marker disabled
70 Vault found
80 GOAT room entered, Gabriel speaks
90 Gabriel monologue
100 Gabriel martyred, Free Men enabled
110 Audrey found
120 Audrey finds cowering slave
130 Audrey asks player to meet her in Springvale
140 Audrey found in Springvale
150 Quest complete when player decides to let Gabriel live and Audrey die
200 Quest complete