Jet Fueled

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Jet Fueled
QUEST GIVER Rabbit – Cambridge Safehouse in the area near Kendall Hospital
LOCATIONS Cambridge Safehouse, Hallucigen Inc
QUEST ID f3dnpc_jetfueledquest EDITOR ID  xx005646
NPCS Rabbit – Ivy Dupler
Virus – J.T. Decker
Slim – Mike Foble
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REWARD Sugar Bombed Ultrajet



  • Slim will accompany the group if the player lockpicks the door or brawls Virus
  • If Slim comes along, he will open the doors at Hallucigen Inc but trip the alarms in the process.
  • To intimidate Virus, a strength of 6 or higher is required.
  • If the player elects to have Rabbit choose, she will choose the right door if the player has luck of 5 or higher.
  • If the player cautions Rabbit, she will have Virus choose the door, requiring a Luck check of 7+ to result in a good outcome.
Sinners and Saints [f3dnpc_jetfueledquest]
10 Entering trigger box initiates scene


20 Rabbit forcegreets
30 Objective to fight Virus, pick lock, or hack terminal
40 Virus brawled and beaten
50 Lock picked
60 Terminal hacked
70 Objective to meet at Hallucigen
80 Enter Laboratory
100 Get past turrets and tripwires
110 Decide how to enter
200 Correct door opened
300 Wrong door opened
400 Quest complete
110 Turret02 destroyed
120 Turret03 destroyed
130 Door hacked
140 Enter experimental chem lab
150 Player has Rabbit choose door, she chooses wrong
160 Player has Rabbit choose door, she chooses right
170 Rabbit has Virus choose door, he chooses wrong
180 Correct door opened
190 Quest complete
200 Quest failed
300 NPCs disabled