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Encounter Railroad HQ
Locations Railroad HQ
Quests Human Nature
Race Human Gender Female
Level PC x1 Class N/A
RefID xx0138e9 BaseID xx004356
Perk AP +10%
Critical Damage +10%
Inventory Winter coat
Laser rifle
RefID/FormID Full list of refIDs and formIDs
Voice Alice Bell

Bonus Conversations

Currently there are two additional conversations for R4-04 which happen after the 250 and 500 point barriers are passed. The quest occurs at 1000.

– CA_Affinity 250
– CA_Affinity 500

Affinity is mostly based on time spent together, this is to allow you to choose actions and dialogue freely without worrying about whether your follower will hate you because you picked a lock.

In addition, the dialogue wheel will change from Relationships to Get to Know Each Other when you are in a non-hostile environment like a town, bar, or settlement, or if you’ve spent more than 5 days together. This will provide additional dialogue conversations, and a short conversation that changes depending on whether you have romanced her.


By request, version 2 and up will have the following likes:

  • Hacking terminals
  • Releasing synths (Love)
  • Donating items
  • Being nice

Commentary and Extra Dialogue

Not all locations have vanilla commentary trigger boxes. In the event there is none, the commentary may require you to click on them, provided the idle doesn’t fire on its own, like with Cait’s humming.

As a member of the Railroad faction, destroying the Railroad should make R4-04 hostile the same way Deacon is. This is likely why Deacon isn’t romanceable. However, if R4-04 is romanced, a script will remove her from the Railroad faction and allow you to spare her and destroy the Railroad.