Sinners and Saints

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Sinners and Saints
QUEST GIVER Sadie – Boston Bordello east of Hangman’s Alley
LOCATIONS Boston Bordello, Holy Mission Congregation
QUEST ID f3dnpc_patronsaintquest EDITOR ID  xx004852
NPCS Sadie – Adoxographist
Scalpel –MooderFooger
Molly – Kelly Camelio
Patron Saint – Noi Sek
Cue – Elko
Penelope – Lila Paws
Boy – Leara Morris-Clark
Jane Doe – Jessica Osborne
Prostitute 1 – Ginger Roll
Prostitute 2 – Alice Bell
Prostitute 3 – Will Handford
Prostitute 4 – Chris Potter
Customer 1 – BearofZeus
Customer 2 – Damn Dirty Casual
Customer 3 – Chris Potter
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
REWARD Cue’s Finest Bottle of Bourbon



Sinners and Saints [f3dnpc_patronsaintquest]
10 Entering trigger box initiates fight


20 Saint01 dies
30 Saint02 dies
40 Saint03 dies
50 Sadie will now speak to player
60 Player agrees to help, starts scene
70 Scene ends, door unlocks
80 Player enters trigger, starts scene with Sadie and Cue
90 Player asked to follow Sadie
100 Enter church, triggers scene
110 Saints made hostile
120 Saint04 dies
130 Saint05 dies
140 Saint06 dies
150 Saint07 dies
160 Saint08 dies
170 All Saints dead, start scene and get objective to return
180 Enter Brothel, talk to Patron
190 Get objective to talk to Cue
200 Scene triggers, talk to Cue
210 Cue gives player choice of returning Jane or attacking Saints
220 Player agrees to escort Jane
230 Player delivers Jane to Patron Saint
240 Return to Cue after making the delivery
250 Player decides to kill Saints, entering trigger makes them hostile
260 Patron Saint killed
270 Saint09 killed
280 Saint10 killed
290 Saint11 killed
300 Saint12 killed
310 Return to Cue
400 Quest complete